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We are an awesome hostel and surf school located outside of Lisbon in the sunny Costa da Caparica. This new family-owned hostel is the realization of lifelong dreams and long-term experience hosting couch surfers, teaching surf lessons, giving tours, and offering great times to fellow travellers in the Lisbon area. You can enjoy a Portuguese paradise at our beautiful red house, located only a 3 minute walk from the beach. Downtown Costa is just a short bike-ride or a leisurely walk away. We are also close to amazing natural areas like Arrabida that are great for hiking or tours. Our shared spaces include a large, cozy lounge area with handmade furniture, games, instruments, and a warm, roaring fireplace. There is an outside bar area with grill and wood-burning oven, a big lawn and swimming pool, hammock, and warm outdoor shower. Our kitchen is modern and fully equipped to put together excellent meals! There are lots of things to help out with - reception & administration, taking photos for our Facebook & Instagram, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, making beds, gardening, socializing with the guests. You will work for 6 hours per day with two days off a week. So usually, it is really not hard work, we are nice people and want the volunteers be part of the family :) We also have two cute dogs! In exchange of your help you share a private room in the hostel with other 4 volunteers. Breakfast is included and you will also have free surf lessons!! We are looking for volunteers that can stay for at least two weeks but longer stays are very welcome!! We are looking forward to hear from you! :)

I am really friendly and comprehensive person. I like to share experiences and to have good conversations. I love art, make tattoos and graffiti, and of course to surf!! I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish fluently.

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The place is a total mess and really badly run. The owner only accepts young girls and has had several relationships with some of the volunteers. When he’s in a bad mood he started yelling and blaming us for everything that went wrong at the hostel. The whole situation got worse because they are dealing with BEDBUGS for several weeks now, in the end we didn’t even have a place to sleep that was not full of bugs. He didn’t care to change so when we spoke up to him he kicked out two of the other girls in the middle of the night leaving them with no place to sleep for the night.

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Una experiencia muy mala, más que nada porque no hubo experiencia... A una semana de irme me dijeron por mensaje que se habían equivocado y que habían cogido a dos voluntarios en vez de uno para el mismo periodo, y que como eso no podía ser, que yo ya no podía ir. Me gasté más de 100€ en los ticket de avión y no quisieron devolverme nada. Al final acabé encontrando a Kampaoh en Tarifa y me lo pasé increíblemente bien! A nivel personal no puedo opinar sobre cómo serán los anfitriones, pero lo que sí que me han demostrado es que dejan mucho que desear con su falta de organización.

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Ricardo is an amazing host and the team was like a family to me. Almost every new guest was a new friend and it was so much fun. Ricardo took the team and guests on trips to Lisbon, we organised bonfires and every Wednesday there was a party with other hostels! The shifts were longer, but because of this, we had more days off to go on really cool trips! The hostel is a gorgeous place, close to the beach and I learned how to surf here (so now I can go surfing by myself, instead of taking classes). I extended my stay twice, and if I had more time, I would definitely spend it at my second home.

3 meses atrás


Muy buena experiencia, estuve 2 semanas allí y desde el primer día me sentí una más.
El personal del hostel compuesto por voluntarios fué super agradable, me llevo muchos amigos. Al igual que Ricardo, el anfitrión muy simpático y divertido.
Las tareas son 4 horas al día y se llevan bastante bien. Aunque a veces, hay falta de organización a la hora de distribuir las tareas y los días libres.
El resto del día puedes relajarte y disfrutar de la piscina. El hostel ofrece también bicicletas y tablas de surf a tu disposición y muchos planes que van surgiendo junto con el resto del equipo.

5 meses atrás

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