Adrenaline Addicts Motorcycle Tours and Rentals

We are a small startup motorcycle tour and rental agency working closely with many hostels in the area to provide unforgettable adventures for their guests. All of our volunteers get to enjoy the perks of living at a bustling and popular hostel, free bed, onsite bar, wifi, pool, TV/chill-out room and kitchen, but with a job that's a little more interesting than your standard bartender/reception volunteer position.
Volunteering with us will give travellers the opportunity to get to know Colombia and Santa Marta in a way that most travellers otherwise would not. Practicing your Spanish with mechanics, helping deliver bikes to customers, learning about motorcycle maintenance/repairs and exploring areas surrounding Santa Marta that are only accessible by motorcycle (or a large amount of hiking!).
Volunteers will also enjoy free use of all our motorcycles/scooters during their free days, as well as during slow periods during the day, and will receive small discounts at many other businesses that we work closely with as well.
Last but not least, the majority of our volunteers will have the opportunity to come free of charge on one of our guided tours when we have enough clients that our lead guide may require a second set of hands. Mostly simple stuff, helping check in clients, getting drinks, preparing bikes etc etc, and all expenses (food, drinks, gasoline etc etc) are all paid for as well during the tour.

Our staff is made up of a mix of Colombian, Estadounidense, and Australian owners and employees, all of whom are generally very laid-back people. We have all traveled a lot both through South America and to other continents, and have varying levels of English/Spanish proficiency, although everybody speaks both to at least some extent. We're all within the ages of 25-35 and love the outdoors and adventure sports, as well as the occasional party, all of which you will be invited to join in on whenever we have a team outing, however there's no obligation to do so if you don't feel like it!


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Fue una buena experiencia en adrenaline. Son muy flexibles con las tareas y los horarios y tuve tiempo de conocer los alrededores de santa Marta. Los chicos son muy disponibles 🙂

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When I first arrived to Santa Marta, I was very excited to start volunteering. In all honesty, I think I just came down at the wrong time and during low peak season. I stayed for 3 weeks and didn’t get to go on any tours or trips, therefor I wasn’t able to make any content for their social media accounts.
Most of the time, I just stayed in the office. Wasn’t an action packed role as I thought.
The manager there and owner, are very kind however! Great guys :)
This experience is good if you are here to practice your Spanish!

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El personal de Adrenaline Addicts es muy amable y siempre disponible para solucionar imprevistos. Pido disculpas, porque después de una semana de voluntariado me di cuenta que no tenía el perfil que buscaban. Gracias por todo.

hace 4 meses



Esta ha sido una de las experiencias más increíbles de mi vida. El Equipo es MARAVILLOSO,BUENA HONDA. Disfruté mucho colaborar con ellos. La 1a semana fueron de entrevistas para entender qué quería lograr en términos de Marketing, la 2da fue para auditar su website y compartir recomendaciones para mejorar su marketing y la 3ra para actualizar su website y terminar el plan acordado. La habitación es muy cómoda y el personal del hostal maravilloso. Tuve una moto a mi disposición casi que todo el voluntariado, aprendí a manejar justo en ese momento y recorrí varios lugares aledaños. Los amo!

hace 5 meses



Fue una gran experiencia, el trabajo es muy tranquilo, los horarios son flexibles y el personal es muy amable. ¡Recomiendo!

hace 6 meses

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