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Welcome to Alma Mactzil, a conscious community and retreat center surrounded by nature's beauty, on the outskirts of Tacaná Volcano in Tapachula, Chiapas, México. We hold sacred space for spiritual practices, ceremonies, traditional medicine and co-creation, through conscious community living.

This style of living gives people the ability to self explore, heal, transform and grow. "Alma" means "Soul" in Spanish, and "Mactzil" means "Miracle" in Mayan. Our mission is to help as many beings as possible find their miracle from within.

Our hope is that people come to Alma Mactzil as a mutually beneficial energy exchange, leaving behind worries and self doubt. To free the mind, body and spirit with vegetarian diet, sharing in sacred healing practices, all while contributing, living consciously and acknowledging that we are all part of a Divine plan.

We welcome you at any step of your process, to come step into your power and help co-create this sanctuary. Come show us your skills, and learn from others at Alma Mactzil! Aho! :)


Let's get to know each other! My name is Lorena, and I am the founder of Alma Mactzil. I am 28 years old, born in Tapachula, Chiapas, México, and always have a smile on my face. : ) Some of my "highlighted blueprints" are that I am a 5/2 mental projector in the Human Design experiment; a Sun in Leo in the 11th house (house of community); and a Tijax, the nawal of the holy warrior and healer in the Mayan cosmovision. Yet truly the question that I have been enjoying to grasp and take into my heart is... WHO AM I! ? I know this question has no answer, as who we really are is beyond concepts, ideas or mental definitions. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to live in different conscious communities in different countries. It is my mission to bring what I have learned to this magical center of Alma Mactzil, and help heal and empower my community and those who visit us here. Some of my most memorable experiences and studies of self exploration are: - Advaita Vedanta + Hatha Yoga - Ayurveda + Tantra - Biofeedback Therapy + Reiki - Cacao + Mayan Wisdom - the Divine Feminine - Human Design + Astrology - Exploring the void + silence into extended dark room retreats - Temazcal - Rebirthing Breathwork - Janzu Water Therapy All of these experiences and trainings have been integrated into who I am and how I live each day. <3 Now about YOU! :) What are your gifts, and offerings towards humankind awakening? Are you a collaborator, natural leader or teacher? What are you passionate about? Do you speak Spanish, or are you interested to learn? Are you interested in living more immersed in nature, without all of the modern day accommodations? For people who like to share their knowledge, we would LOVE to hear about new ideas or projects and how you can help extend your gifts to our community. We would love hear about all of this, and more! <3 I am currently offering monthly onsite 10-day retreats, which offers a unique blend of ceremonies, workshops, meditation, yoga, trainings, a day trip to a nearby waterfall, and more. The retreat includes a Temazcal ceremony in our on-site traditional sweat lodge, a breath work workshop, 3 day cacao immersion experience, a 3 day silent retreat, and plant medicine ceremony. I have carefully curated this program using knowledge I have gained over many years of training and experience, and have conducted these types of ceremonies for over six years. Volunteers will help to support the retreats, maintain the space and be welcomed as members of the community. Volunteers will be offered a discount to the 10 day retreats I offer, which increases depending on the length of your stay. After 3 months of volunteering, you will be offered a place in the retreat at no cost. <3 We are currently looking for volunteers for the following positions: CLEANING CREW - General cleaning and housekeeping. SOCIAL MEDIA/MARKETING GURU - Updating Instagram, occasional updating of the website, and coordinating ad campaigns. BUILDING/MAINTENANCE LEADER - The building and maintenance leader will ideally have experience in Eco-Building techniques (especially Earthbag), as well as conventional carpentry and renovations. Big plus if you have electrical experience, plumbing, and any general maintenance skills. If you don't have eco-building experience but are interested in learning, drop us a line, as we are probably going to be hosting Earthbag workshops in the near future. GARDEN LEADER - The garden leader will be in charge of the general maintenance of the gardens, as well as designing and implementing permaculture projects on the property. YOGA TEACHER - Lead daily yoga classes for volunteers and retreat guests. GENERAL HELP - Lend a hand where it is needed. Cleaning, gardening, building, training the dogs, firewood collection, pay attention to what needs doing and take initiative. There may be some crossover between these positions. If there's not much cleaning to do, the garden team might need help. If the maintenance is complete and you've got an hour on the clock, firewood is a constant necessity. At the same time, we respect everyone's need for rest and personal space. We always encourage you to take care of yourself, so that you can show up for the community as your best self. <3 All volunteers are encouraged to enjoy the yoga and meditation space for personal and shared practices, and our group sharing circles for community care. We also have other occasional evening workshops and activities, such as music healing, cacao ceremonies, conscious movie and game nights, and to a variety of offerings by community members. We are located in a wonderful tropical humid climate, with much natural beauty to enjoy. On your days off, you may explore all of the local beauty that the Tapachula area and beyond has to offer, including the nearby waterfall, Volcano hike, Mayan temple, and beaches with great surf spots! We also share the space with four friendly dogs and one cat, so we hope you´ll love them as much as we do! :) <3 This is all ultimately my offering to the Mystery of life. This is what I do in my daily living, my Sadhana, and my home. I am opening it to whoever feels the calling to live in a community among nature, in sacred respect for the elementals and Great Spirit. Love and blessings, Lorena


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Alma Mactzil is a wonderful place! A few words to describe the place: peace, love, growing, friends, learning, rest, nature and connecting. I had a great amazing time here and would 100% recommend to go. Much love!

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