Alte Schule Housing Project


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I had a wonderful experience. The place is big, comfortable, quiet and close to nature, around there is a river, lake and many trails for biking and walking as well. The host is a wonderful person, polite, helpful and taught me a lot about nature, about social impact, he was patient with me. There's a lot to do at Alt Schule so you can contribute what you identify with. You can to play with the children, cook, clean, work on the house repairs, take care of the animals and the garden... we also got together to socialize, have fun, all in good mood and good music.

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Host is kind, flexible and easy going, The farm has many interesting people stopping by through the days. The set up is a bit hippy and freestyle so there isn't a set schedule for daily task or projects. I mostly worked in the garden, the build interior that people live is in rough shape, similar to a squat. There is a woodshop there and lot of project that could be done if one is very handy. But there is a lack of clear focus, leadership and group collaboration to orient the task. Often I felt as if I didnt know what to work on. Experience can be a very relaxed escape from urban scene .

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