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If you're an interesting, curious, kind, and awesome traveler who loves cats, then my place might just be the perfect fit for you. I am passionate about art, music, nature, traveling, philosophy and would love to connect with visitors who share my interests, as well as those who are simply open-minded, curious and interesting people.

At my place, due to limited space I can only host one person at a time and prefer only shorter stays of one or two weeks at a time. Please note that my place is not a hotel and for me more than the cat help I use Worldpackers to meet and connect with interesting people and share stories and experiences so if you are simply looking for free accommodation this might not be a great fit for you. However if you're looking for a unique and personal cultural exchange experience and you love cats, then my place could be an amazing experience for you. While you're here, you'll have a clean, safe and comfortable space to sleep in a comfy sofa bed, and you'll only need to help me with minimal tasks like scooping my two older cats' litter box twice a day, vacuuming the litter box area, and occasionally feeding them. And you will have all the free time you want to explore and enjoy the city. Though since the work needed is very minimal I don't provide meals, however I encourage visitors to use the kitchen to cook their own meals, and we can also sometimes share a meal or cook together. And there are some great and affordable grocery stores nearby.

I live in Downtown Manhattan in the Lower East Side, just a 10min walk from Soho with nice cafes, restaurants and art galleries around and a very central location making it super easy to get around and explore the city from here.

I am a product designer, passionate about nature, art, music and I travel a lot and I love learning about other cultures and meeting people from around the world and listening to their stories and perspectives even if different than mine since they always expand my own perspective so I hope with any visitor I can have an open exchange of ideas and would love to learn about your culture and anything the visitor might want to share.I am pretty easy going, open minded and looking to connect with fun, curious and interesting people. If you stay at my place you will have all the freedom you want to explore and discover the city. We can even do some sightseeing together!


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I can’t write a lot, so:
I had the best time in NYC,. At first I was a little apprehensive, cause I’ve never shared a room/apt with a “stranger” man

👨🏻 Rodrigo is an amazing person, very welcoming. He has more experience and reviews in another platform.

🐱Luca definitely is not the type of cat that would hurt you, he likes to sleep and drink water basically

🏠 You gonna sleep in a bed in the “living room”
The “job”, it was so easy, sometimes I felt useless, in summary you’ve to change the water, clean the litter box(?) and in case he vomits, you’ve to clean

You’ll have time to enjoy Nyc

hace 8 días

France, Metropolitan


that was a really good experience, i really recommended it to everyone !

hace 11 meses

Perfecto para ti si estás buscando

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