Anderson Memorial Rehabilitation and Care Organization is a registered community-based organization focusing on homecare and rehabilitation. We believe we can build a better society where their physical and emotional needs are highly cared for in loving environment through rehabilitation, education, empowerment and participatory approach, who was determined to fight for their social-wellbeing, health, socio-economic and nutrition.

Our core values are self- awareness to everyone, integrity, transparency, accountability, diversity, morality team working committed with responsibility, and Innovative, quality service to everyone, needy focused.

we are looking for volunteers who are willing to work in the community especially with geriatrics and people with disabilities 3 days per week

Our volunteers play an important role in our projects, providing much-needed support, assistance, and individual attention that is crucial for disabled rehabilitations AMRCO staff we are so charming eager to learn and work with different people /professionals to help our society Our team in Tanzania 3 staff (local ). As a volunteer you will experience first hand the work of a very international team in Africa. The volunteers are accommodated at our House shanttown, which offers a convenient and safe accommodation at a reasonable price. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be supporting you to settle in and helps you with your new tasks at the projects. Every week a volunteer meeting takes place to coordinate the work of the volunteers, the needs of the projects and to share experiences and stories.

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