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Punta ballena is a nice place to stay if you want to chill, but you take a 20 minute bus and you will be in the heart of the nightlife. We are super close to the beach (3 blocks) and it's a nice and cozy environment .

I'm joaquin, been living outside my country for 5 years, traveling a bit and spending some time in hostels, now I'm home again and happy to open my own hostel. You will be treated perfectly! Haha, and we hope you have a nice stay here with us.

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Vou escrever em português para torturar XD
Foi minha primeira experiência como WorldPacker e eu só tenho a agradecer a todos que me acolheram no hostel, aos amigos que fiz, às pessoas super interessantes que conheci e à essa experiência gratificante (bem diferente da minha vida normal kkk). De lá dá pra conhecer lugares muito bonitos e sobra tempo pra isso ^^. O hostel é pequeno e tem aquela atmosfera de lar doce lar com muito contato entre as pessoas. Valeu a pena cada dia. Muito obrigada, staff! 😄

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Awesome hostel. Great atmosphere. Joaquin, the owner of the hostel, was very kind and helpful during all my stay. I would definitely recommend Andorina Hostel.

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My sister and I arrived at Andorina without knowing what to expect... Just minutes after meeting Joaquin we felt comfortable and at home. The experience was wonderful... We fell in love with the place, the beach, the country and the people. I wish I'd stayed longer... And I'm absolutely sure I will go back. This was my first Worldpackers experience and it couldn't have been better!
Joaquin is a very nice and caring person, (he saved my life from a jellyfish attack!) and he keeps his hostel very clean and tidy. His heart is as soft as his beard. I brought home nothing but good memories

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I had my first experiente as worldpacker at Andorina Hostel. I couldn't have chosen a better place to start and couldn't be more grateful for Joaquin accept my application. He, by the way, is a great person, friendly, always willing to help.
The hostel is amazing. Everything is very well maintained, great staff, cozy decor, large kitchen, rooms on the ideal size, very nice bathrooms, but above all, Andorina has a wonderful atmosphere, a vibe that inspires creativity and positivity in their guests. Everyone wants to come back, including me. I felt home! :)

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