Angloville is the biggest provider of language Immersion Internships in Central – Eastern Europe. We enable language and cultural exchange between native English speakers and local participants. This is an opportunity that offers you: o A free stay in a beautiful countryside resort o An opportunity to receive accredited TEFL training o A chance to meet, connect and learn from successful professionals from Central – Eastern Europe o Invaluable teaching experience o A week full of memories, new friends, and an introduction to a new culture. We do not require all of our English-speaking participants to be teachers of English as the aim of the program is to help the local participants experience the use of English language in real life circumstances and scenarios. Our goal is to create mixed groups where varied experience and where various accents are spoken.

Our internship takes place in a few different locations around Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania, departing from Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw , Poznan, Budapest, Prague and Bucharest, depending on the location. All you have to do is come here, relax and converse with our students in English on a variety of interesting topics. You have 3 different programmes to choose from: • Standard: one-on-one discussions • Junior: similar to Standard, but catering to a younger demographic from thirteen to eighteen. On the volunteering side, it is perfect for university students or recent graduates. • Tandem House: based more on two-on-one and three-on-one sessions. Great for people who are interested in teaching in the future. On each program there are around 12-18 Local Participants and an equal number of English-speaking participants. Angloville is a place where people of all ages from all around the English-speaking world meet, share their experience and culture and learn from each other. At Angloville we can guarantee friendly atmosphere, experience of local cuisine and traditions and meeting with people from all over the world.


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It's an amazing experience, I made so many friends and learned a lot during my three weeks there. You learn a lot about Polish culture from the kids, and many of them become really attached to you and even cry when the week is over because they had a really good time.
But be aware that it's about 70 hours a week, not 18, also you'll be far away from main cities so you're mostly confined to the venue for a full week because even if there was something close you wouldn't have time.
Apart from that I totally recommend this experience, I had a great time. Thank you angloville.

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The weeks I spent with Angloville were some of the best weeks of my life. I was so impressed with how well organized the program was, and the other volunteers and coordinators were some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Additionally, all of the participants were extremely friendly and taught me so much about their lives and their culture. I cannot stress enough how strongly I recommend volunteering with Angloville. It is difficult to put my experience into words, but I am confident in saying Angloville was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.

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I did 3 weeks of Angloville and would recommend it, though make sure you have some travel time before or after your program since the hotels are quite secluded. Overall, it was such a great experience. The activities, the other volunteers, & the teens were great. There's a good amount of support from Angloville. Two of the three venues I was at were pretty nice (one was a bit rough, but they requested & took feedback & allowed changing of location). Everything is pretty well planned before you get there and the week goes by before you know it. It's only been a day and I already miss it.

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