Animal help and Gardening

My place is very isolated, beautiful nature and peace, so if you are looking for this - perfect place :-)
But if you need party, excitment, a lot ( !) of social contacts, may better not.
I am looking for people who have a strong work ethic, who see whats to be done, and can clean up after themselves.
I like sharing my knowledge about green gardening and animals.

In 2006 my husband and me moved from Germany to Croatia with the intention of a simple life in a natural, rural and clean enviroment. A few years ago sadly my husband passed away. In the meantime my mum moved in , so its the two "old ladys " :-) Now i am trying to handle the "farm" on my own. During our life here we have realized how many poor dogs and cats are abonded and we started "picking" them from the street, giving them a shelter and try to find a new home.

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