Animal shelter at Nabeul, Tunisia

For a traveler who loves animals and discovering a country, our shelter and home close to the city of Nabeul is a great opportunity. We love sharing a delicious meal together so you will most definitely experience authentic Tunisian food! You can also learn Tunisian Arabic if you like. We have many visitors to the shelter and friends of the society during social events so you will get to know the Tunisian people. Nabeul is 5 km from the shelter, a seashore touristic city very lively even in winter and known for it's exquisite ceramics and vibrant Souk (an Arabic market place). In your free time you can visit downtown Nabeul, go to the beach, or to Hammamet, a touristic town on the coast about 20 minutes away. There are collective taxis easy to catch and very inexpensive to travel back and forth between the shelter and downtown, as well as to the other cities along the coast.

I am a veterinarian and I have an assistant; also one employee to clean the shelter and feed the animals; and an employee for cleaning my private home and preparing meals. The volunteer will live in this environment where the shelter is adjoined to the clinic and the home in the same property, and where the atmosphere is very congenial and friendly.

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