ANIMALIA - Refuge & Sanctuaire

Salut la team,

Only for the one that think that we can build a better world for animals and human beings.
We are a vegetarian home and you will need to cook for yourself with our own ingredients.
We live surrounded by nature in the coutryside without public transportation!

If you agree to come, I will pick you up at the VIRE-NORMANDIE train station, and will be happy to give you a lift back at the end of your contract.

We usually start the day at 8 am with cares for all the tribe of animals...
We are able to organise your meals times and we discuss together about your working hours organisation.

Mostly we need to maintain good animals conditions and needs are:
- painting around,
- cleaning animals,
- cleaning b&b and the guest house,
-feeding animals,
- etc.....

The activities are farming jobs, so, you have to be physically good, and with a good mental.

If you have any habilities to share like building, computing, mecanics ...., we will enjoy.

If you are independant, clean, and respectful, you are welcome.

We are a small team working around. Please be mindful that you come here to contribute, maintain, improve, and share. We always pioritise the animals being. The living conditions are good: You will find your queen size bed in your own bedroom in a confortable mobile home We share the main house for the kitchen and the bathroom. You have to be clean and independant enough to be able to cook for yourself. You will need more time to learn about the animals care in your first few days. Thanks for reading


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Val is not a good person and she single handling dismantle my idea that everything that works with animals are good.
I only was there a single full day .
During that day the food she provided wasn't sufficient, it is all can goods or frozens which most of them are expired (ex. 2018 expired)
The animals don't seem in good state.
I worked 8 hours the first day where the agreement was 5 and she was still not satisfied.
She call me a slur the next day and I decided to leave after I told her she started throwing all my stuff out and even at one point tryed to punch.
I lost things I can not recover

hace 23 días

Valerie respondido

Marc and I were happy to see you coming to help around
You did not booked on line because you did not know which day you will be able to come but
we were happy to see you going the next day
Sorry. I was not your good cooking and regardless mother for you
You should stop smoking
The animals are really fine …



I've finished a 3 weeks program here with Val. I enjoyed working here not just because it was really peaceful, the view was also amazing.
I've learned about the diet and the lifestyle of the animals, as well as some basic gardening skills.
I also got the chance to meet the locals at the festival during the weekends, it was unforgettable, everyone was really friendly.
Some small advice for people who wish to come here and contribute:
- bring a hat(summer), gloves
- be proactive and independent.

To Val, I wish we will meet again one day.
Thank you so much for everything.

hace 10 meses



Fue mi primer voluntariado y ella fue una persona terrible, me sacó a la calle con mis cosas en medio de la nada porque el lugar está muy retirado de la ciudad, de desayunar fue solamente un pan con mermelada para después estar varias horas bajo el sol, no dejó cocinar mi comida completamente y sólo tenía poco tiempo para comer. Estuve 1 día pero fue horrible. Ella es muy picky, así que si no le agrada algo, ten por seguro que te echará a la calle con tus cosas en ese momento y tendrás que solucionar por ti mismo el cómo regresar a la ciudad...

hace 10 meses

Valerie respondido

Leslie was not comprehensive neither in English nor in French. We thought to host Leslie as named on the website for a month stay, and we've host her just for one night because she decided to leave the next day. We welcome her with food and accomodation on the first night. In her profile, she mentions that she is capable with gardening so we asked her to help another worldpacker with weeding in the morning and she thinks the weather 24°c was too hot for her to work outside Despite a 2h lunch break, and a plateful of food which she did not finished, she announced she won't stay. I agreed.



I wouldn’t recommend this experience to anyone. This is my second Worldpackers experience and I never thought I’d be treated so badly. I worked 12 hours a day sometimes, I also only got one day off in two weeks. Some of the animals aren’t well, but the host didn’t seem to care. The food wasn’t acceptable.
I had a serious accident, which required surgery and an overnight stay in the hospital. When it happened, the host kicked me out and we didn’t leave until 2 hours after the accident (I was bleeding during this time). She brought me to the town but I had to walk to the hospital.
Don’t go here

hace 11 meses



I had a great time in Normandy. Val is a really nice lady and i learned a lot of new things. My personal Highlight i overcame my bird-phobia here😂. I lived alone in a mobile home, with such a great view. That was my first experience as a voluntary, so I didn't really know what to expect. But all in all, i enjoyed it very much, i was very connected with nature and i learned a lot. The only negative thing i was the only voluntary, and sometimes I would‘ve loved some company. Thanks Val for the time in your unique home! 🤌🏻

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