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Our journey began with our passion for traveling because all that a soul really needs is to explore the world with decent comforts and a lively audience.​ What started with a search for an idea to help travelers across the world went through a lot of replanning and also regroupings till we managed to pull the other one. the team behind the hostel is actually just a bunch of friends who connected way back in late 90s and who till recently just remembered each other for the push on the football field to a kick on our backside for not able to make maggie. we have tried to create the entire venture completely ourselves from painting and artwork to landscaping and furniture. we wanted every item in our hostel to represent a traveler who would not mind getting his hands dirty to create something beautiful. Well, what can 3 friends, school memories, and 10 years really turn into? Probably an awesome slumber party, vivid travel plans or maybe, as in our case, a house beautifully transformed into a Roadhouse Hostel. Our journey began with our passion for traveling because all that a soul really needs is to explore the world with decent comforts and a lively audience. Roadhouse Hostel is stands appropriately distanced yet engrossed in the charms of Anjuna Beach amidst it’s uber-cool neighbours – the German Bakery and Mango shade. All because we wanted to ensure that during your stay, Curlies should just be a shout away and the beats of the Shiva Valley must be ready for an experience. And being self-proclaimed travelers, we understand the longing for a comfortable bed after a long day’s hard work. For the lovers of nature, a grove of mango and coconut trees complements the serenity. Additionally, our dorms are as big as our hearts, at least metaphorically. Pounce into the comforts of 2/4/6/8 beds in the air-conditioned aura of our rooms. And for the cleanliness freaks, an attached bathroom could be a cherry on the cake (again metaphorically). We love to treat our guest with a cup of fresh aromatic coffee with the additional perks of free WiFi even if they arent staying with us. At Roadhouse, two is company and three is a carnival. So hop in! We hope you like the place. Welcome!

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Artes Pintura y Decoración Personal de Mantenimiento Jardinería

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I had an excellent time at Roadhouse Hostel. Everyone was very receptive and I was able to immerse into the Indian culture and also experience the Indian daily life. Although the fact that my trip happened during the monsoon season, and so the rain did not permitted the execution of the architectural projects planned, I still had a very good connection with the group, which turned possible the development of interesting ideas. I recommend the hostel and I want to visit Indian again and look on my architecture project being executed.

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