Aranya Eco Village

At Aranya we have many animals from buffalo to chickens, the main crop is millets but also we grow variety of vegetales and fruits, we create our own seeds , in future we want to have our own seed bank the farm has bee constructed following the principles of permaclture design using simple technology , working in harmony with nature ,not against it . it is our aim to promote environmental sustainability through water conservation and chemical free agriculture , compassion and harmony are at the core of what we do.we work with village farmers and families , The inhabitant of the farm both big and small are my family.

i came from a farming family in Bihar. I left my studies in Delhi in 2008 to broaden my horizon at the shikshantar institute in udaipur where i learn many things from film making to water conservation, food growing. following this is joined the environmental leadership programme at sadhana forest in auroville then set about my dream of starting an organic farm. volunteer are asked to help with general crop care , eco building, and maintaining the eco farm. It is hoped that volunteers can be flexible about their work time with an average of 5 hours a day for a minimum of 5 days. Occasionally projects need to be finished before night fall , so a longer work day would be most helpful , but this can be rewarded with extra rest and relaxation, no experience is necessary, only a commitment to working harmoniously with nature and nature and each other .Families and volunteers of all ages are welcome.

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