Ard na Greine

We live in a very scenic peaceful and quiet rural area. Great place to go hiking/ walking or cycling while at the same time, getting back in touch with nature - a great place to relax and unwind.
Wexford is also known as the sunny south east of Ireland so we get slightly warmer weather. Close to gorey town which has many bars, restaurants, cafes and retail shops.

We are a friendly family of 4 (2 children aged 3 and 9), 3 dogs and 2 fresh water fish aquariums. We believe in treating everyone equally and with respect. We would hope that the volunteer feels at home when staying with us. At the weekends, we love driving to attractions and museums, forest, hill or mountain walks, socialising with friends, chilling at the beach (only a few minutes drive away) etc.


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Amazing experience. They are so welcoming and supportive. Hours are just as described or even less sometimes because Prem is very accommodating and flexible, and she would make sure you can achieve your goals and travels. I sincerely appreciate everything they did for me. I loved worked with them and the kids are very good hearted and great kids. Both are very different and thats super good to learn from their personalities. They have many talents, and they work hard to get succeed in their activities, of course with different levels because age difference. I highly recommend them

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I had a wonderful time here! Milla and Peter were very insightful and always had great recommendations on things to do in the area. The kids are super sweet and mostly well behaved (hey every kid has their meltdowns). It was a bit more than 25 hours a week between what they want to be cleaned and the child care but honestly it’s worth it! They are super accommodating and willing to pick you up and drop you off as bus and train stations. It’s a great place to be in nature and to really immerse yourself in the Irish countryside!

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Milla respondido

Thanks for the feedback Hanna. I'm glad you had a good time.

However I was taken back by some of your comments as everyone else has had very positive things to say.

Everyone knows small children will have their ups and downs especially when they are ill or when they argue with each other (that's part of being a kid) and that saying that my kids are 'mostly well behaved' on a public domain/website is not the best going into your next job which involves minding kids. I was very taken back by this comment. You were shown a lot of love by both of them including a beautiful hand made card by them before you left.

Also, I'd like to point out that your hours were very much within the 25 hour guidelines. We were very flexible and understanding of your hours. When it came to the morning 8 to 9am routine, it was always 8.30am or after when you began or when you asked to start later so you could go sight-seeing or when you were unable to volunteer one of the days due to being out late and was unwell the following day. When you start later, you'll finish later. Cleaning was very basic and minimal. If you had an issue with something, all you had to do was tell me and I would have easily adjusted it accordingly.

We also gave you Tuesdays off (so you could see more of ireland) as well as the designated weekends so the 25 hours of course were done over 4 days (which made those 4 volunteer days a 6 hour day). You did not however volunteer over the stated 25 hours and this comment took me by surprise as I keep note of volunteers hours.

I wish you all the best in your future travels.

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Oh, how I could go on and on, so I will try to make this brief. Being here for five weeks truly gave me a new perspective and lease on life! Prem and Peter, you are absolutely amazing people! Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home. To any future backpackers, do not hesitate to apply here. You will be treated with kindness and respect. The work hours were great, and I was able to see so much of Ireland while I was here. Prem was super flexible as well. Wonderful communication, the boys are so, so sweet, and the FOOD. Omg, I'm going to miss the amazing homemade currys! Lots of love <3

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Absolutely fantastic experience.
The family is truly great and very well hearted. Prem and Peter are always making sure you're having a good time. Tristan's always up for playing and talking, he's an amazing kid, and Heath is a sweetheart!
Tasks are nothing you wouldn't do at your own home and with your own family.
You get your own private room with bathroom and food is provided.
I can only recommend them and actually I'd love to come back in the future.

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This month at Ard na Greine was just amazing. I had the chance to get to know the culture and travel the whole country! I am truly going to miss the kids, the dogs, the house, the forests...
Thank you to Prem and Peter for making this possible. They have been the kindest, most-welcoming family I have ever known. This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life! 💚

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