Arts Hostel

We are the first hostel in Sandakan with an arts gallery in a hostel. We don't only provide Bed & Breakfast, we also provide Batik Art Classes. Our decorations are mostly from old stuff, you can visit our IG, @artshostel.
Every Saturday we will take you to the Night Market, since it is the most famous activity for our locals.
In our hostel, we also make souvenirs: we give tips about how to use old materials and turn them into brand new things.
We have our menu for lunch and dinner, so you can order here if you want to.

My fiancé and I manage this hostel. We are both aged 20+, and we are both part of the staff. We love arts, and we have a friend with us who is majored in painting, so he is the in-charged with painting. We both like to meet new people, and we always love to listen to other people sharing their stories. We like to bring joy to others, and share happiness with them, too!

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