Asociación Comunitaria para la Conservación de la Tortuga Marina de El Progreso (ACOTPRO)

We are an off-the-beaten track, community-led, sea turtle conservation project located in one of Costa Rica's most beautiful and unique areas - Drake Bay! The setting is wild and our field station is rustic, but the experience of working with turtles and living and exploring the Corcovado area is unforgettable! You will get a real authentic Tico experience and you'll also meet lots of other volunteers and locals, both from our project, and from other nearby volunteer projects.

ACOTPRO has over 10 members, and there are several other local residents involved in the project who you will also meet. All patrol leaders are friendly and responsible, they're certified by the Principal Investigator, and safety is our number 1 concern. At meal times and during morning work hours or volleyball, there will often be lots of people at the field station. At other times it can feel very quiet, and so it's important that you are comfortable being on your own from time to time. All of the locals are volunteers too, so it's important to be patient, have reasonable expectations, and take everything in your stride. Pura vida!

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Por loemos mi experiencia no fue nada agradable ni cómoda.
Era un proyecto por el cual esperé mucho tiempo y con ansias, el cual resultó lejos de mis expectativas.
Para nuestra mala suerte cuando llegamos al lugar ya no habían tortugas (algo que esta lejos de ser controlado por el equipo), pero el trabajo que realizamos no era nada relacionado con estas, nos tuvieron haciendo un hoyo para un futuro baño y limpiando el jardin.
Por otro lado en el lugar daban la electricidad 2 horas al dia, puesto que llega a ser sumamente peligroso para el tema de los alimentos, por su cadena de frio.

hace 4 meses

ACOTPRO respondido

Hi Sofia. We're obviously disappointed that you and Nicolas (not a member of the Worldpackers community) didn't enjoy the activities as much as the other volunteers, many of whom have left 4 or 5 star reviews here for the same period.

In rural Costa Rica, many projects do not have any electricity at all, and we managed the project since 2006 without the need for a refrigerator. We are blessed that we have a generator, and as it says clearly in the volunteer manual, the electricity is available for 2 hours per day. Most volunteers are appreciative of this.

The volunteer manual also makes clear when the nesting and hatching seasons are, and what kind of work we do outside of the turtle season. We greatly appreciate the effort that are volunteers make in helping us to expand and maintain the infrastructure that we need in order to protect the turtles and deter illegal egg poaching. Our volunteers are normally very happy support is with this work.

We would recommend that next time, when you work at a Worldpackers project, that you read the volunteer manual prior to arrival, and that you come with an open mind and ask yourself: how can I help this community?, rather than just thinking about what you should be entitled to.

We wish you the best of luck, and pura vida!



This volunteering experience is one I’ll never forget! You make life long connections with people there and are completely immersed in nature. Being fed 3 times a day (even though it’s usually a combination rice and beans) the meals are always delicious. We came at the end of January, so unfortunately just missed the turtle season but still had a great time chilling on the private beach.

hace 4 meses



This experience was amazing. I had the best 4 weeks here in Costa Rica with the other volunteers. What I do have to say, is that the volunteers make the experience. The host didn’t know our names and weren’t very engaging. The first week of my stay was fun because the last nest hatched. It was very interesting to get to know everything about the turtles. After the first week we only worked for a short time in the day. It was mostly manual labor, like pulling weeds out of the ground and raking. If you are planning on staying here, be prepared to eat rice and beans everyday the whole day.

hace 4 meses

Reino Unido


We had an amazing time at ACOTPRO! All of the volunteers were really friendly and welcoming. The food was more on the basic side (rice and beans) but was flavoursome and a great example of Costa Rican cuisine. Unfortunately we missed the turtle season, so the work was a bit repetitive, but the local people helping were very friendly and accommodating. Overall, we had a great stay and the sunsets were amazing!

hace 5 meses

Estados Unidos


I enjoyed this experience a lot, the location is gorgeous and the work is not too difficult it is manual labor but not for long hours. Come prepared for rice and beans every day, very basic living conditions, and bug bites but in my opinion, it was worth it. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and connect with nature.

hace 5 meses

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