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Welcome to ASPIRE Training & Education! Volunteers that choose to help ASPIRE can expect a wholesome and rewarding experience. Volunteering at ASPIRE will also allow you to be immersed in local Cambodian culture. If you look at our photo gallery, you can see various activities that the children enjoy with our past volunteers. These activities have been created by voluntary teachers, many of whom have given their time and resources, adding to the opportunities we can offer our children, such as Khmer traditional dance, music instruments, and other school activities. We also welcome people from all backgrounds regardless whether you are fluent in English or not. This is also a great place to volunteer as a group as we provide housing for multiple guests.

ASPIRE TRAINING & EDUCATION is a school and home for poor, homeless and orphans, located 7kms to the east of the center of Siem Reap, on National Road 6 in Trang Village. ASPIRE is a non-governmental, non-profit organization aimed to assist children who either orphaned, homeless, in poverty or have disabilities. We try to offer support to by offering free education to children especially destitute families throughout Cambodia . Currently we are providing 24 hour care for 20 children and free education to children from neighboring communities. The children range from 5 years old to 16 years old. We are currently in desperate need for any help we can get after being hit really hard by COVID-19 as we lost most of our volunteers and sponsors. We are running really low on funds and could potentially lose our school due to lack of payments to our credit loans. We accept all volunteers as one of our own and we treat everyone as part of our family. As a volunteer, you will be assisting the school teacher to teach English to the 30 children we currently house under foster care. However, you are more than welcome to teach them other cool hobbies as well! If you are interested for your volunteer with Special Volunteer Activities & Package Tours, wish list below, we need help form volunteers to support the children, any donations or fundraising are very important for progressing and running cost of project. Aspire Home Stay is a safe place & comfortable to stay as a family with delicious food 2 meals a day lunch and dinner, free breakfast and hot coffee. The Special Volunteer Activities Program and excursions, we are organising our volunteers with wishes list below: - Presentation and introduction of the history and experience of the founder-Director - Aspire's main goals in future plans for the children (Honesty is the key to success) - The Schedule activities for volunteer programs - To explain training course of lesson plans by English teachers for collaborative partners - Tour guide around the Aspire school The volunteer activities with our staffs local Khmer English teacher: - To teach English and play games - To Building and cleaning area of school environment - To growing vegetables gardening - A tour guide goes to market - To see sunset and sunrise behind Aspire Home Stay - To country side and meeting extreme poverty families of children in community - Watching traditional Khmer dance performances, showed by children of Aspire - To provide a certificate of completion We just new updated for our volunteers to learn for cooking food, Khmer traditional dancing and Khmer language. A cooking class with natural landscape and romantic songs, we are required to contribute $15 US per day per person for cooking a local Khmer food. With a cooking class, we are providing for volunteers to market for buying (meats, fishes, vegetables and ingredients food). We will be show our volunteers, teaching them how to cut the meats / fishes and vegetables and cleaning . We explain the volunteers about ingredients of each cooking then starting to cook, preparing food on a plate and eat at a special table and listening the romantic songs. If you are unable to volunteer and would like to help our project we would be extremely grateful for any donations. Please contact us if you would like to do so. Please contact Mr. Sean Samnang by email address: [email protected] / Mobile: +85512422416 / WhatsApp: +85512422416/ Facebook page:

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I had a very interesting and heartwarming
experience at Aspire. Neat the teachers is always ready to help you. The classes are amazing as the kids are always willing to learn and are really happy for welcoming you there. Sam’s wife always cooked delicious and fresh food.
It was an experience to remember! 🌞

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Sean, Sam, Neat, the entire family and their children as well as the children of the school are amazing. They all make you feel very welcomed, you get to be a part of their family. The communication with Sean was very good since the beginning. I was helping with English lessons at the school for the kids in the community. We also made a tour to visit extremely poor families, and donated some food. The experience was very touching, emotional, and I left with sadness that I had to go, but great happiness that I did a little help. Sean puts all his heart into his children and the community. ❤️

hace 5 días



This experience has left my heart so full! The children at aspire were so beautiful and welcoming from the moment I arrived. Sean’s wife cooked everyday for us, beautiful meals and was very accomodating towards any dietaries. Had options of other activities today on the days off and the children absolutely loved to teach you traditional dances (highlight for me.) The teacher Neat was also so beautiful and accomodating to all our needs. I hope I will have the chance to come back in the future and reconnect with Sean and his family.

hace 24 días

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This is my first time volunteering so I really didn’t know what to expect or I didn’t have anything to compare it to. But what indo know is that Sean, and his family made me feel like part of their family. It felt amazing to be able to help contribute to building aspire back up after being hit quite hard during covid. Sean is trying his upmost to bring more children to this school but is in need of more volunteers to help with funding and support for these kids. It really was an eye opening experience to see life through their eyes and to witness how these kids have a hunger for learning.

hace 2 meses

SAMNANG respondido

Thank you very much brother, I understood right now, now I will stop to say about money.



I really loved to stay at Aspire. Sean, Neat and their family are very welcome and take care of me.
I mainly helped Neat with the English lessons. It was a real pleasure. children are really demanding,we had a lot of fun!Also, I went to the market, i helped cook, discovered the Khmer dance, the karaoke...and you can enjoy Siem Reap the weekend.
This is exactly why I travel! To meet good and honest people around the world and immerse myself in their culture and their vision of the world. Sean and his family do everything to give this children better life. Something to command respect!! <3

hace 4 meses

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