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At this moment we can really use some people with construction, carpenter and renovating skills. We are restoring an 18th century Palmento (old wine makery). But don't be sad if you don't have those skills! We have so much more to do and we are looking for help all year round.

Hi beautiful people, welcome to our profile!

We are a small team living in this holistic retreat center & community. Most of the work consists of clearing the land, weeding and caring for plants and the vegetable garden, painting, maintenance, landscaping, cleaning, daily cooking for the team and if you have social media and booking system qualities, then they are also more then welcome!

This place was created by the lovely owners Filip & Trente, an American/Belgian couple, retired and young at heart. They realized their dreams by building this holistic retreat community center on the slopes of Etna volcano. For sure you will see and connect with them on daily base when you volunteer here.

The property is around 15 ha (150.000sqm/ 40+ acres) on terraced slopes with dry stone rock walls (without cement) 500m above sea level on the slopes of the Etna volcano facing the Ionian sea and the mainland Calabria. We are 1 km away from Presa, a small village with 80 inhabitants, and 3 km from Piedimonte Etneo, where you can find more things to do.

Please read this and skip if :
1. You are from South America and looking for a place to have residence waiting for your paperwork to come through. You are welcome, but we don't provide residency nor invitation letters.
2. You are hoping to learn Italian. Main conversation is in English.
3. You have physical problems. You need to be physically healthy, so if you have back problems or any other health issue what disables you from doing physical work, please skip.
4. You have heavy emotional problems. We are not qualified as your shrink, nor parents.
5. You don't have travel insurance.
6. You are looking for a cheap hotel.
7. You only have a week to come over. Minimum stay is three weeks.

Would you like to stay and volunteer in a community based environment where you help realizing a dream? Then this experience can be for you.

We welcome open-minded people with shared interests who enjoy working whether outdoors or in nature with a joyful passion without drama and ego.

Please only apply when you are physically in a healthy condition and willing to walk up and down the property. Also don't be afraid to do some bit heavier outdoor work :-)

Take off the mask, open up yourself, get in touch with nature, share your skills, roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and (most of all) have fun!

We are looking forward meeting you!

We live with a small team on this property. We share meals, work and good conversations. We prefer to communicate very open and clear and we love to do an open hearted sharing circle almost every week. We personally evaluate every week with you and only continue when both of us are happy with each other's exchange and energy. We mainly eat vegetarian, but don't mind the exception once in a while. We provide basic healthy food, mostly organic. We don't provide alcohol, meat, fish, sweets, soda's etc. So if you are in need of any of those, you have to provide for them yourselves. We share daily lunch together and sometimes dinner. Sometimes we will take you on a trip to the Etna volcano, beach or Alcantara river. This depends on how long you stay with us and how everything flows. You need to share an apartment with one shared bathroom with the other volunteers. There is a separated dorm for women and a private room available with a double bed for a couple. Here is an example of the works that we do : * In october/november you can help harvest olives and you will be able to experience the proces from 'olive on the tree' to 'extra pure virgin olive oil'. * Helping pruning the olive trees or (taking away the branches and burn them) (nov-dec-jan-feb-mar). * Helping building dry stone walls in the fields. * Weeding the garden. * Taking care and watering of the vegetable gardens and plants. * Cleaning out the pool (areas) and preparing for spring/summer (april-may). * Spraying the olive trees with bio products (feb march). * Painting walls, doors and fences inside and outside. * Cleaning up ashes from the volcano all over the property. * Cooking lunch for the team. * General cleaning tasks. * General maintenance tasks. * Chopping wood for the fireplaces.


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Unfortunately I didn’t find the family vibes that I hoped, the owner is so focus on his business, I felt treated like a worker, the job is hard and without safety equipment we have to arrange, i don’t learned much about nature and on new skills
Breakfast & dinner everyone cooks for themself, Sara makes for us the lunch it's very delicious
The first village is 3 km away and there aren't a good public transport
About free activity need to be lucky because depends if there are some retreat in process and maybe are not free
So was a good experience I found good volunteers for share my days

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Bravehearts respondido

We are sorry that you did not feel at home, we tried to make your work as pleasant as possible, leaving you complete freedom in the renovation of our Ape Piaggio. Probably not what you wanted to do, we always try to get volunteers to do the jobs they excel at.



Mi experiencia estuvo buena.

El lugar es muy lindo, tiene unas vistas hermosas, al mar y a etna, las personas son amables y la comida fue fresca y veggie muy buena.

El trabajo los horarios y la forma de trabajo yo lo sentí un poco estricto y a veces me sentí más como una trabajadora que como una voluntaria.
Se trabajaban 5 horas más hacer el almuerzo y aveces la cena que era extra. Así que debes ir mentalizado en trabajar en tu tiempo libre a veces. Porque hacer la comida para 8 personas igual es trabajo.
Si quieres conocer estamos un poco lejos de todo. A menos que tengas auto

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So Trente and Fillip is amazing persons with truly fascinating lifes they give everything in this place.They have beautiful dream about the place .My experience was life changing for sure I will recommend this place.A small details if you don’t have car with you it’s a bit difficult to go out of the property it’s a bit far away from villages.And also about the facilities you have to be careful with the water in the winter time because you will do a cold shower if you don’t be aware . The property also it’s huge with a lot of airbnb houses and places so be aware to have goodshoes for walking.🥰

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I stayed with my girlfriend for 3 weeks at Ater Tumti, and it was an amazing experience! The work was quite varied and enjoyable, always well in line with the schedule. Besides the immersion in nature, the best part of this volunteering experience is definitely the people. Filip and Trent are very generous, Sara and Salvo are great people, and all the other volunteers were good-hearted people!
I hope to return one day!

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I spent 3 weeks at Ater Tumti with my boyfriend, and it was a great experience. The tasks were excellent and varied, such as cleaning wine bottles, painting, and tidying accommodations, among others. The place is truly beautiful and has a great connection with nature.
The hosts, Filip and Trent, were welcoming and kind. Sara and Salvo are also amazing people! Additionally, we met various volunteers from different places and had a very good time with everyone. It was truly very interesting!

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