Ayahuasca Casa Artistica

This a hostel and cultural project open to travellers, artists, and locals based around the concept of alternative learning. Working together, we aim to close the gap between tourist and local by exchanging cultures in a positive way, through various artistic and holistic practices. In the initial stages, we will need help with; - construction work - a permaculture garden - hostel maintenance - welcoming guests - website design As the project gets going we will need more teachers of any artistic and cultural practices, including; - music - painting - crafts - yoga - circus arts - permaculture - sustainable construction - reiki - natural medicine ... and anything else you have to offer! We are open to constant suggestions and expansion of our project. We are creating a space where people can teach and learn a variety of artistic and cultural practices. From urban art to indigenous rituals, we would like people to partake in whichever practices take their fancy, to further enrich their travelling experience.

We will be able to offer volunteers a bed, hammock or tent in the hostel. This includes access to all facilities, including; the kitchen, communal areas and bathrooms. At our hostel we want to create an atmosphere of community and sharing which people may take with them on their onward journeys. We often have campfires, movie nights, salsa and yoga classes, and share meals to make the place feel like home, which volunteers help contribute to.

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