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ART NATURE ADVENTURE for everybody. We have a project to make our town Ortignano Raggiolo green and artistic. We love to laugh,create art, live adventures with people from all over the world. For us is very important to share our dream! We live in a fantastic place, Casentino valley, known for the beautiful forests, called Sacred Forests too. We have lots of places for mountain bike, hiking, not so far for climbing and canoe or canyoning. That it is perfect for live Nature! We want to make so much beautiful ,as the nature, the town where we live! We need the help from everybody to make this dream reality. We are looking for artists, videomakers, photographers, musicians, actors, illustrators, animators, dancers etc that can help us with their creativity. Art must be shared! But if you are not an artist, but you love art, no problem you can create with us, I will prepare something very easy and you can create too! You can see us on instagram bblacasadartista or facebook B&B La Casa d'Artista. We have a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwIVhyVZosEWANCDi98nc1w. We are waiting for your ideas to grow up this project! We are open for your ideas!

My mother and I am very friendly, we have a very special bar that we transformed in an "wonderland place" with recycled art. I have a very special laboratory to unite all the arts. There is the part for playing music, the stereo too, the pc, a library, a relaxing part, a cinema inside too, and of course a part where you can create and stain :D We like to stay with people, we are open minded and we love to know other cultures! We love to share our spaces and our dream. My mum is slovakian and lives in Italy from 1984, I am half italian and half slovakian. We love to know people from the world and make together something special,artistic and we want to grow up with them our project to be known, with videos, photos, summer camps, cultural exchanges etc. In the photos you can see how is inside our Bed & Breakfast "La Casa d'Artista". The photos of the bedrooms are for guests, for volunteers are only the single bed or the sofa bed in the living room (photos with the sentence beds for volunteers). If we will have full the B&B the volunteers will sleep in another place. We want to give the opportunity to everybody to make together a big green and artistic change here in Ortignano Raggiolo!

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Agradezco este espacio que me fue brindado a cambio de simples tareas. En mi caso fueron manualidades ya que la anfitriona realiza cuadros con material reciclado. Mi deber es recortar flores sobre cartones, lijar maderas, recoger frutos secos, etc todo para sus cuadros que después ella ensambla y vende aquí.



This experience was really special for me! It was my first time as a Worldpacker and Licia was definitely the best host. We had a plan before I arrived there and we started to create since Day 1, in a really creative and groundbreaking environment. We exchanged ideas and did different things collaboratively. I helped her to re-think her business plan and to create a new website and digital content. It was amazing! I extremely recommend to sign up for this volunteer program because, beyond everything I said before, Licia an Jolana open their lives and family to make you feel at home. Thanksss!



An incredible experience surrounded by a lot of nature and culture. Licia and her mama jolana are excellent people and very sweet. I stayed two weeks and toured a lot of places with Lycia. sooo recommendable !!! ( my inglish not is the best and I dont have problem withe the lenguaje)



Had a blast of an experience at La Casa D'artista! As my first volunteer experience, couldn't be happier. You'll live an amazing experience at Ortignano-Raggiolo alogside Licia and Jolana.
My job as a digital marketer was to make videos and teach Licia how a Youtube channel works.
We had tons of fun together as Licia also took me to several adventures in this beautiful piece of paradise on Earth.
Definetely recommend the experience!



Licia e Jolana sao pessoas super agradaveis e desenvolvem um projeto cultural que é muito respeitado pela comunidade local. Em relação a experiencia no worldpackers elas se colocaram bem abertas a negociações de horarios e a nos levarem a estações e locais proximos para que aproveitassemos melhor nossos dias, pois a casa fica distante e nao ha meio de transporte proximo. Nossa experiencia foi incrivel, voltariamos com certeza!


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