Barters Village

Come play with us at the Greater Neverlands! Play in our dictionary means reimagining work through creative collaboration and earth stewardship. We believe your creativity is a sacred gift and superpower. We are looking for all-star help with many exciting projects on our four locations (that we call “playgrounds”) across the country. We think you will end up wanting to be a part of all of them, and we look forward to sharing our world with fellow seekers of wisdom and lovers of abundant living. All locations are magical and full of life, art, music, love & prosperity. Barters Village is the Greater Neverlands’s headquarters, quaintly nestled on the Ivy Creek overlooking the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. Unwind with nature and savor the slow life in a relaxed rural setting. The Village (aka Barnardsville) is just 7 miles north of Asheville, NC with space and amenities available to host travelers, seekers and earth lovers with weddings, retreats, creative productions facilities, local & artisan marketplaces, glamping/camping sites, and coliving residencies focused on alternative architecture, creative reuse, eco-building & permaculture. You can choose to play as a volunteer or pay to stay to enjoy these incredible spaces overflowing with the heart, soul, and dreams (not to mention sweat, tears, and dedication) of many who voyaged through.

We strive to cultivate a healthy and harmonious environment through slow living and creative play, such as eating wholesome food and making healing tonics from ingredients grown on the grounds; upcycling and repurposing materials such as pallets, telephone poles, etc to reimagine and reconstruct the space; playing and recording music together in our music/art studios. Home is where we create heaven on earth.

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