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Joining our team at Battuta makes new experiences, stories and amazing people to meet. It's all about working passionately in hostel, in traveling, and in adding creative ideas and more.

The team here are the heart of the hostel, the core of the fun, love, socializing and happiness. They are also so friendly and flexible where they are ready to provide all the assistance for the volunteers when needed. We give you a home, lots of opportunities to have fun and explore this awesome city and country. Once you join our team, we take you under our wing and give you the full cultural Jordanian experience. In return, we are looking for big-hearted trustworthy people, who want to take part in building an awesome hostel while hosting interesting travelers from around the world.


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What a marvelous experience! The Wanderers, what a team!!! Ibrahim, Minwer, Saleem, Mai, Wael, Fatima and the rest of volunteers. Good located, and with an excellent vibe. Guests were also really nice and we learnt a lot from each other.

Schedule for next week is provided on Sunday and respected, so it is easy to travel and make activities. Normally you work 5 days per week and around 4-5 hours per day, but really flexible.

You have a bed in a dorm, laundry for free, coffee for free and also also a delicious breakfast. Do not hesitate and be a wanderer!

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