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My home has great access to everything awesome about the Bay Area. Right next to a regional park for hiking, easy access to San Francisco, Sonoma and Napa. House is an amazing place to be and do work, with epic views of the entire bay area. It's likely an innovative place to be for a short while where you can make a difference, have fun, and even build your resume!

I own/run a holistic test preparation company. A traveller myself, as well as someone who works with students, I value the contributions others can make to our biz and to take things off my plate to make my life/biz life run more smoothly. I love people and set the time with your stay be a collaborative experience.


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I totally recommend! 100%
Bara (the host) is such a good person. She is always attent, looking to make me feel comfortable.
I learned a lot about business, marketing and how to make connections in this work exchange. Bara helps a lot with the language, teaching and explaining English with examples.
The house is amazing, super clean, organized and beautiful. Keep in mind that the house is about 1,5 miles from the metro (Bart) that connects with San Francisco, Oakland, etc).
The room or the Cabin are very cozy, warm and comfortable.
Eloise the dog is so sweet.
the job is exactly what agreed.

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