Beach Cottages Sankt Peter-Ording

There's a lot to learn about the sea and its animals, alternative energy sources and sustainability. We live at the UNESCO World Heritage Site 'The wadden sea national park' ! Our neighbors have farm animals, sheep, cattle, horses, rabbits, geese, pigs and chickens. If you get bored with us, you could learn about farm animals;)

We are a family of four (55, 45, 19 and a little dog;) very open minded and easygoing people, living heavenly idyllic in the middle of nowhere on the peninsula Eiderstedt, very close to the north sea, 6 km to the next beach access and 20 km to the famous St.Peter-Ording beach, where we're letting cottages to holiday guests frequently with rescued dogs. So it's a great combination between contemplation and fun, a dream if you like nature, (kite) - surfing and culture! Our home is a historic 'Haubarg' from the 18th century with very old roots in the 14th century. We're easygoing and very houseproud at the same time;)

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