Beach House for surfers

Quiet place with beautiful beaches. Good for those who like surf, kite, bike or skate. Arty people also can find them self comfortable here...

We are preapearing the house for the next season, to receibe people who want to learn surf or improve it. We are interested in people who love the sea and the water sports. We speak some spanish, english and some portuguess. The house now is perfect if you like the relaxing emviroment. We love to work with music, cooking together, respeting each other likes, and is very important to be clean and responsable with the treatment of the garbage and the recycling.


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Infelizmente a anfitriã Jimena teve um problema familiar e precisou ir para a Argentina e acabei ficando apenas 5 dias, porém a experiência foi válida e consegui aprender algumas coisas sobre jardinagem e outras além da função combinada.

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