Beatilla Art Eco Design Holiday Farm

It is a very unique place where art and colors make the difference. There is also an art studio atelier where guests can have the chance to paint and feeling free to be creative.

I am an international artist and with my sister Bea we decide to start this project and use the farm in a different way, trying to give emotions to our guests everyday. All the project is based on color therapy, art, up-recycle and the handmade style. Travelers will have the chance to sleep in our shabby chic caravan, completely decorated and renovated by the artist.


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Bea, really nice women, worry about the traveler, lover of good food, flowers and really nice vibe.
About work; is a really hard work, housekeeping, hand kitchen with a perfect REALLY perfect way to do it and also fast.
The place: You will have a really nice views but no to much contact with people or cultural exchange.

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First of all, Bea is an amazing humang being. she worried about me from the beginning and always tried to make me feel comfortable. But this is not a place for a holiday, they like hard work and fast learning. I have to work only during agrees hours and the task includes cleaning the rooms, doing laundry, making breakfast and cooking.
For me, it was a really beautiful experience, where I learn a lot and explore the region. The farm is a little bit far from the city of Mantova, so some days you can't travel outside the place. But nearby there is a park where you can relax around nature.

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Superb Hosts,Bea, Luca .Learnt a lot on culture, places ( in free days I visited Verona BEAUTIFUL, Venezia, Milan, and other villages nearby. Bea was ESPLENDID about taking me out to places or eating out). I learnt about how to do work in the Italian way: well and fast,but most important, I emotionally, mentally grew up here. I was helped by hosts, but also by other wonderful volunteers that were here . I recommend this experience, definitely.Tasks, many. Come with mind of work exchanging. Bc they give EVERYTHING, Kitchen is full of food for u. Private room, and they move sea to help you🙏

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My experience was fantastic, Beatilla is very well located, the nature around the place is magnificent, Beatilla is close to Mantova, Venice, Verona, the space are decorated with the concept of Eco Design by Luca Bornoffi, an excellent artist, the activities are taught by Beatrice, an incredible person, and consist of preparing breakfast for the guests, removing used sheets and towels from the rooms, cleaning and gardening tasks are also done. It was an enriching and transforming experience, I really felt at home and welcomed by Bea and Luca. Hope to be back soon. I recommend it to everyone.

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Beatilla was my first volunteer experience, and also the first place I visit in Italy! And I couldn’t be more gratefull about this amazing place and experience. I found a family here and also a beautifull place. Bea and Davide are two increible persons. The energy of Beatilla is especial. Also is a good place if you want to travell around because in one day train you can visit Verona, Venezia, Bologna, & Milan. Are really close and the train is cheap!!!
The tasks are simples but you have to pay attention to the rules and instructions because is important to everything be well done!

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