Bellaville Farm

Hello, we are a small family run free-range farm based in County Donegal . All our goats are hand reared with exceptional attention taken to ensure that our fresh new product can be introduced to any household ….. if I can just add that this is a small scale meat production farm! I am currently on target to open my little farm as a family friendly venue. I am organizing a grand opening event in the near future but need a lot of help from you guys out there........ there is still so much to be done so I am always looking for people to help me looking after animals and their welfare, for building/renovation jobs, to promote the farm and my products (on internet and during events)…. If there is anyone available and ready to be part of our little team, please get in contact. It’s a sharing experience, so, we will be happy to show you our work/way of life and also to learn from you !

Animals onsite - dogs, cats, donkeys, ponies, goats, sheep, pigs and chicken. I hope to one day be a totally self sufficient holding where children, visitors and tourist may visit and just be at ONE with mother nature herself.............. I do it all single handily and with help from my little mama :-) and the help of a neighbor who helps when machinery needed. After the closure of my restaurant/bistro 6yrs ago i deciding that city life was no longer for me and made a move from Scotland to my Ireland where my grandparents would have been from. I came across 30acre farm with derelict cottage on and thought this is the life i want to lead and so here i am. Fate brought me here, I've been renovating the old farm cottage and farming the land for two and a half years now whilst studying for my level 6 agriculture. I still have mountains to move lol but I'm enjoying each day learning. Someone who has a good and kind way with animals would be must. I have a stunning piece of land that over looks Erigil to Muckish and from the top of the hill you can see right out to Tory island.

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