Belli Park Beekeeping

- Opportunity to learn beekeeping. - Quiet peaceful. - Close to beach - lovely dogs - off-grid house - surrounded by trees - close to waterfalls - hands-on help - happy to suit work to you

I started beekeeping through wwoofing/helpx so I think it's a great way to get involved in different and new things. Now I am running a small beekeeping operation with Sarah and Jamie. We work with 300 hives dotted around the sunshine coast. My partner Madeleine and I live in a small off grid Queenslander with our 2 dogs Bo and Tinks and our 2 cats Eddy and Leo. I used to have a spare room to offer but it has turned into my partners office. If you have a van and are cool with sleeping in it it could work. (I am working on making a lean-to park in situation) My partner is Vegan and I am not so we are very flexible with eating preferences Depending on the season the majority of the work would be beekeeping, lantana pulling, gardening, etc. I am new to hosting and appreciate active feedback to make everything work better. Looking forward to meeting you.

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