Berry Farm Val di Sole

We live inside the Stelvio National Park, the larger in Italy, if you like mountain and wilderness here is your place! Here in your free time you will enjoy the mountain sports as trekking, hiking, rafting, horse riding, biking, e-biking, mountain running, and, in winter, skiing and snowboarding in our 150 km of ski slopes!

We are a family of 5, Joy, Giuliano and 3 kids . If you are a easy going person you will be part of our family as soon as you arrive! We speak English fluently, Spanish and little German, and we are ready to teach you Italian! We eat most vegetables with little meat and fish, we cannot provide vegan food. We host just helpers willing to stay at least one month.


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The volunteering experience has been amazing, I'm really grateful to Giuliano, Joy and all them children, they are really kind and happy people where you can fun all the day! Work its nice, you can learn a lot about farming working in an incredible landscape in the middle of the valley, sorrounded by beautiful snowy mountains and lovely small towns. I've done such an incredible hikes here and i still a lot remaining to do!! Food is also delicious :). I recommend this to all the people, specilly to ones who love mountains. I'll return!

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Giuliano respondido

Francesco, you are a human power bank! So much energy you put in the work and in your mountain exploring! Lookin forward to meet you again, muchas gracias and ARRIVEDERCI!



Giuliano and his kids were very nice, but when I arrived, he let me know that his wife was away and that I would have to cook. I was not told this beforehand. When I was given my room, it was very cold and dark. The bed was held together by tape, the walls were styrofoam and there was no lock on the door. The house was very cluttered and the shower was leaking and had a smell. I didn’t want to leave them stranded, but could not live in these conditions. The town was beautiful, but unfortunately I had to leave after only one day.

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Giuliano respondido

The worldpacker staff can read the previous messages between me and Sky where I explained that the job consisted of cooking and cleaning ...the room was cold because miss Sky didn't know how to switch on a electric radiator, and it was dark because miss Ski didn't know how to insert a plug to turn on the lamp...the key of the door was lost by the previous volunteer and I didn't have time to change the lock, but outside the door there are two huge Saint Bernard dogs, and besides, in our small village in the mountains there are no criminals ...the shower was not broken, only was dripping because the previous volunteer hadn't closed the tap properly... miss Ski wants to volunteer but doesn't want to cook , clean and would just like to garden in the winter in the Alps when the fields are covered in snow?

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My time at Val di sole and Giuliano’s was great. It was the perfect place to unwind in nature and be away from the city and fast paced life. I came in the winter so I mostly did cooking and cleaning. I cooked dinner each night and also helped Giuliano to take the St Bernard’s up the ski slope and package and make jam. I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants some time to unplug and be around nature. Also if you enjoy winter sports it’s the perfect place for you. I was the only volunteer during my stay but had no problems with this. Perhaps for the best experience, visit in summer

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I found the whole experience to be truly wholesome and collaborative. The host giuliano was extremely welcoming and definitely makes you feel at home.
the experience does require you to step out of your comfort zone and be willing to live modestly due to the fact that it is an isolated and old village and the resources are limited but to me that was part of the charm. it's important to show initiative and a will to help because you are left on your own accord at times.
overall was a very beneficial and productive experience, where I got the chance to learn about a new culture and sustainabili

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The time there was as expected. I went during the winter so I did not get to work on the berry farm. I was also the only volunteer for the majority of my stay. If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding this is the perfect place to go in the winter. He was very nice and respects your time.

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