Bethanchowk Village Community Homestay

Welcome to Bethanchowk village community homestay! Experience being a part of a Nepali family while volunteering and participating in activities in the eco-village Dhunkharka. Dhunkharka is a special village community in the beautiful southern Kathmandu valley, surrounded by forests, streams and waterfalls, special local flowers, agricultural fields and the inspiring Himalayan mountains. Among the experiences you can have here are: 1. Living in a local family’s home, receiving a Nepali name and all that comes with it 2. Participating in agricultural activities in the village like cow/buffalo milking and working in the organic fields 3. Gardening in the community demo-farm 4. Cooking local foods 5. Teaching English lessons to community members 6. Helping out with the after-school programs: homework club and the big-brother-big-sister program 7. Hiking in the beautiful mountain range around the village 8. Taking a free tour around the village 9. Seeing authentic Nepali cultural dancing And more! What we offer: A beautiful room in a family’s home, 3 vegetarian Nepali meals a day (and many cups of tea!), an unpolluted and ecological environment, beautiful views, sunrises and sunsets, and an authentic experience you will never forget! What is a community homestay? The Bethanchowk community in Dhunkharka decided to start a community program to help fund the families and the community as a whole in a village which is suffering from economic struggles due to the changing climate and the world modernizing around them. Therefore the village is in need of volunteers and guests to strengthen them and is offering in return an incredible authentic Nepali village experience. How does it work? Each 1-3 guests will stay in a different home in the community in a way that each family will host in turn. The guests will be able to participate both in activities within the household with the different family members and volunteer in the community in the activities listed above. How to get to our homestay: Take a bus from Ratna Bus Park in Kathmandu to Panauti. Buses leave around every 10 minutes, and the journey lasts about 1.5 hours. Make sure to get to Panauti before 1:00 pm so that you can make the bus to Dhunkharka which lasts also around 1.5 hours.

Namaste! We are Karma and Birbahadu the community leaders of Dhunkharka village community homestay. Our community includes 200 loving families, mostly from the Tamang Ethnic group, that rely on work in agriculture and livestock. We are looking for volunteers who can help strengthen our community through education, agricultural knowledge, media and advertisement, and more. Our village is facing many struggles today because of climate change and economic struggles, and the youth are slowly leaving to work in other places. In order to keep our village and community alive, we have created this homestay community and part of the income for our community projects: our youth movement, homework club, building new schools and community centers, women's empowerment groups throughout the village, and more. We are very excited to meet you and welcome you into our village and homes.

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