In september we start taking the sheep home from the mountain,so if u like hiking in the mountain it will be a lot of that.If you like skiing,my farm is in the middle of the skislopes.
Free skicard jan-april
Or if you like animals,i have a lot of them.Horses,cows,sheep,dogs,cats,rabbit,donkey,mule and pigs in summertime.

If they respect me,i will respect them. I need my alonetime,so i dont want to hang out with them after im finished working in the afternoon. They will get 3 meals a day,if they want more,i live 1 km from centrum where its a lot of shops,restaurants etc. But i will take them around and show them where to go skiing/hiking/rafting or whatever they like. I need someone who is a bit practical and dont have 2 lefthands.If you also can use common sense it would be great. I dont have so much pedagogic skills,so if i have to tell you the same every day,this is not the place for you. I like people who are interested in what farming is about,not only want a place to stay for free where they can use everything without helping me back. No vegans or vegetarians! I produce meat and i find it strange that people who dont eat meat eant to come here.I dont want to buy a lot of imported food for vegans/vegetarians.


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Overall I had a really amazing time and ended up getting to have small trips on weekends that they helped coordinate for me from a relative that had time and lived nearby. Hege and her mother are both so nice and welcoming, I had no trouble settling in.
This was my first time on a farm so I went in knowing it was going to be a huge learning experience and some tough work! If you apply, you should know there's going to be some days you work pretty hard, but those days were more rare than I expected. Some days were actually pretty short and not intensive at all. Hoping I'll be back!

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