Blue Buddha - Hostel, Beach House and Surf Hostel

We are located in a World Surf Reserve Town called Ericeira. Amazing place to stay beautiful beaches, excellent surf conditions good food and open people, small bars and restaurants all 40kms from Lisbon airport.

After having Blue Buddha Hostel (since 2008) and Blue Buddha Beach House (since 2010) we open Blue Buddha Surf Hostel in 2016. We are Ericeira lovers and real welcome people. We lake to take care of people and also of our places. We lake to have fun but also demand form our staff to make sure our guests have a real nice and comfortable stay with us - cleaning and organization is a must for us.


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I had an amazing experience volunteering at Blue Buddha and I highly recommend this hostel. The work team is great and the tasks to be performed are consistent with the guidelines. If you like surfing or want to learn, this place is perfect.


Miguel Gião And Lucia respondido

Diego was great in all the time he stayed with us.
He was an awesome host to all the guests, responsible, enthusiastic. A real team member that was able to make everyone happy.

Perfecto para ti si estás buscando