Bosque Refugio Maria Paz

Because we are in one of the most beautiful and underrated places of Ecuador, surrounded by elders and watersprings. the perfect mix for learning about traditional self sufficiency based on cooperation. We do permaculture based agriculture and bioconstruction. We expect to be a reference for the bioregion.

I was born in Ecuador, got involved with permaculture and bioconstruction since 2012. Worked in several projects related with edible gardens, bamboo architecture, landscaping, water harvesting, food sovereignty. Actually living in one of the most biodiverse and underrated places of the cloudy highlands in El Oro province. BOSQUE REFUGIO MARIA PAZ is located in the cloudy forest at 3000ft above sea level near Piñas - El Oro. Our mission is to create and implement social impact educative projects based on ecological regeneration through the application of ancient knwoledge for protecting water and boosting self-sufficient productive systems capable of provide natural medicine, food sovereignty and building materials for a dignified life in the Bio-region. Organic methods: we started in 2020, with water design, swales, ponds, we are still in the building process. we don´t use pesticides or chemicals, we feed the soil with beneficial microorganisms and minerals. The community produce tilapia, plantain, pig, chicken, banana, cassava, taro, beans, citrus, cane sugar, coffee, vegetables in general, we are surrounded by several watersprings. Certifications: certification is a expensive process and we don´t need it at the moment Current projects: We want to build on 2023´s summer a Montessori method based space for kids between 3-6years old, this scholarship is for kids in the area and is gonna be sponsored through the gift shop, the restaurant and the courses that we offer. We are trying to rise awareness of importance in reforestation with neighbours. All the structures that we rise are made with natural materials and follow sustainable architecture principles. Internet access available Volunteers are very important for creating impact in the world, i have been volunteer several times in my life so we are engaged with making them feel at home firstable and then making sure we share the most high and deepest knowledge from this place. Atte. Christian Monk

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