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Are you looking for a real connection with the brazilian culture, cousine, drinks, people, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, forest and our parties... Oh, our parties!!!! We surely are the best option for you! Our hostel has a young and energetic team, willing to offer the best experience to our visitors and your stay will be very important to our journey.

The Hostel crew is treated as the main part of our project. We believe that the difference between a good and an excellent stay is the relationship and interaction that we offer. We have a flexible schedule, cause Paraty takes some time to be totally discovered.

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Bossa Nova hostel is the best place to fall in love with MPB :) :D Bruno and Victor are great host and the staffs are wonderful, all very attentive and it's great hanging out with them. Paraty goes far beyond the historical context, it has many wonderful beaches, intense trekking with lots of adventure for nature lovers.

9 meses atrás


Lugar muito bom, com pessoas maravilhosas, um ambiente bastante agradável.
Paraty um lugar magnifico com um sambinha espetacular todas as segundas, festas semanalmente nos host s passeios na faixa, foi uma experiencia muito boa, sou muito grato ao Bruno, Victor, Fabricio e os Staff que me acolheram muito bem!!

más de 1 año atrás

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