Botë Farms . (World Farms)

Your participation will be seen for years and years to come as you will be in on the ground floor or planning and execution. This is a unique and exciting opportunity. We are currently planning orchards, crops and landscaping. We are getting our hands in the dirt and our souls in the fresh air! We are building rock terraces and focusing the virgin land to prepare it for the building plans and planting.
In the summertime we run a small restaurant and are looking for friendly people who love food who can commit to at least 2 months. A small stipend is included. You will meet a lot of people as Saranda is very busy in the summery.
As always we run a charity and on a rainy day you may find yourself playing games with orphans or helping to take care of the homeless dogs and cats.

We left the high pressure long days behind in America and have moved to Albania to open a place where everyone will feel comfortable and connected.


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We had an amazing time assisting on the farm, situated amidst stunning mountains in a remote area where the sunsets are absolutely breathtaking. During the peak season, we lent a hand in the kitchen, and it was a fantastic experience! We had the chance to explore our culinary creativity and learned valuable skills. We met great people and had an amazing experience. Special thanks to Shawn and Kyle for their warm hospitality! Wishing them all the best for the upcoming seasons :)

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We really enjoyed our stay at Botë farms. It was our first volunteering experience, and it turned out to be a really fulfilling learning opportunity. We were able to cook with Shawn at the restaurant and help set up multiple beautiful events. Once the hotel season ended, we got to get our hands dirty on the stunning farm. We were grateful to extend our stay and during our time at the farm we created numerous cherished memories, forged new friendships, and acquired valuable skills. Leaving this incredible place is not easy. Shawn and Kyle, thank you for your warm hospitality!

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I enjoyed my time at botë farms at its fullest. If you need some time to calm down your mind and get in touch with nature (plants and animals) and if you want to get out of busy and loud cities, this is the right place for you!
The work was very diverse and i could learn a lot about animals, farming and growing plants.

I hope to see you again!

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I arrived when they were unbelievably busy with the Villa opening.

My duty is to take care website, FB and IG. I usually build websites with WordPress. It's my first time checking website build with Wix, so I have learnt something new too.

And I have learnt something while they would like me to check the powerline wifi extender.

The weather is very hot, no joke, and if you want to be a volunteer, make sure you can accept insects around you.
Luckily, some Italian volunteers usually cook delicious food for all volunteers.
And 24-hour hot coffee, the Italian way.

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Fascinating place in the middle of the mountains, with very cute animals, very friendly dogs, if you like working on a farm, this is your place.. I am very grateful to have been accepted here, I have met many friends and learned a lot.

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Shawn respondido

Krishna is a sweet soul who was always eager to lend a hand. He wants to be helpful and he approaches the world in such a positive way. He is great with animals and was a very hard worker!

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