Branch Off Fruits

Great location with short work hours leaving plenty of time to explore. We have hosted over 200 volunteers over the last fifteen years! Rural, yet biking distance to a small town with restaurants.

After a maximum 5 hours of work a day, there's plenty of privacy to relax on the farm or take days off to explore the island. We can help connect you with the experiences you want on or off the farm


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if you choose to go here you'll be in the middle of nowhere with no reception and no rides offered into town. he told me that he had a bathroom and a kitchen for me to use wich was a lie. my biggest problem with this setup was that I could never get clean or dry even on my days off. there is no clean place he provides for you to get clean and dry. as well as the fact that he expects you to have to go walk to the only town with stores and walk back with groceries wich is a 4h walk 1 way. he dose not care about your wellbeing or comfort.

hace 9 meses

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