Bududa Acting Club

Bududa Acting Club is a registered Non Governmental Organisation youth project that seeks to improve the lives of its community through arts, Theatre acting, and Volunteering. BAC's Performances often focus on relevant topics such as, .hygiene, . family planning, .common corruption, . theft, andcrime. It is because of BAC's belief that theatre and volunteering is an inherent part of education that it has expanded so widely.  BAC currently holds sixteen castmembers that simultaneously operate in managing positions of the club and volunteering The club is incredibly open to hosting visitors and supporters from overseas who are willing to volunteer with the project. Open volunteering opportunities with the club include ; .Theater directing and plays .Community volunteering .Gardening .Farming .Language teaching .Culture exchange etc

Volunteers are free to apply and work with us the staff members are friendly and welcoming and volunteering hours are favouring just 3hours a day and you volunteer from Monday to Friday When not volunteering the visitors do a tour around the country to see wildlife and meet new people

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