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Come discover l'art de vivre à la française in the beautiful Provence region. Immerse yourself in French culture and discover the habits and customs of the south of France, the culinary specialties, the Provencal markets, and the charming port of Cassis!

You will be welcomed into our family life : meals, games, party, shopping. It will be our pleasure to help you discover our beautiful country!


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Cassis is a beautiful place. The nature and the beaches are beautiful. It’s also super close to a lot of surrounding cities you should check out. The hostel is located well and not far away from the beach or centre ville at all. I enjoyed my stay and would love to come back to cassis one day. I definitely had days where I felt a bit overwhelmed or exhausted from the work. I’d say as long as you have one other person working with you it should be fine. It’s just the times where you’re working alone that it gets difficult. I’d say communication could be improved on, there’s a high standard.

hace 29 días

Reino Unido


This experience was really fun and so helpful for improving my French. Valerie was really lovely and accommodating, it really helps if you make an effort to speak/learn some French. The work only took the mornings, it was very important to get everything done before you can leave but it was nice to have the whole afternoons and evenings to go to the beach or explore the area. Met some really lovely people and spent lots of time in the pool :)

hace 2 meses



I had a fun and relaxing month in Cassis! It’s such a beautiful town and close to the Calanques. The work is pretty manageable, only a couple hours a day of cleaning, however the owner sometimes isn’t very clear with instructions. I was lucky enough to be there with another world packer which made it a lot more fun. I imagine it would be pretty isolating and lonely if you were by yourself. You’re very much left to do your own thing and the owner isn’t around a lot, which can be good or bad depending what you want from it. Overall I had a positive experience but these are good things to know

hace 3 meses

Estados Unidos


My experience at By Cassis was very nice. It’s a beautiful place and I was lucky enough to have another volunteer with me who I became close friends with. As the other reviews say, if I was alone I think it would have been much more difficult since Cassis is so small. Valerie is nice, but she expects a very high standard of cleanliness, does not always give clear instructions and can be strict with you. I think if you speak French/have professional housekeeping experience you will have a much easier time. Not enough room to give my full review but pls message if you want any more information!

hace 3 meses



La experiencia aunque corta fue maravillosa, puse que mejore mi inglés pero mejore un poco mi francés y me sumergí en la experiencia de escuchar gente hablando en ese idioma. Valérie una hermosa persona que me ayudo y me dio todas las libertades, lamentablemente cassis no me gusto mucho porque era un pueblo demasiado chico, muy familiar y con poca vida nocturna. Siento que es un lugar excepcionalmente bueno, pero no era para mi.

hace 4 meses

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