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We are a tech startup, adventure driven by passion, analytics, original ideas, hard work & pure innovation! Utilizing disruptive technology, we are building a cross cultural, multi lingual Social Networking Platform App that would break geographical & cultural barriers of society and bring to life a unique network of human relationships, offering a revolutionary way for people to connect. We believe in the power of genius and talent, raw or polished, to harness true potential through our international residency & work programs offering a work culture where original ideas and thought processes are given paramount importance.

We try to build a free flowing field of creativity at work, allowing interns to grasp and absorb ideas, and germinate something that is unique to their personality. We are tech and people savvy, fun loving and super hardworking millennials liberated by free creative thought, dreams and ambitions. At Shout we nurture original ideas & thought processes to elevate the human learning experience by identifying the uniqueness of each individual.


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The atmosphere is very friendly and interesting! Meeting and living with people from so many cultures (India, Spain, Russia, Venezuela, Italy, USA, Australia etc.) transforms any trip into a unique experience. Interacting with so many cultures creates the perfect scenario to break barriers and stereotypes once and for all.
The house we live in is extremely comfortable and's perfect for enjoy with your colleagues & house mates!
I have really loved this experience. It has been amazing to know all of you guys! Thank you for trusting my work and sharing your knowledge with me! <3

casi 2 años atrás


My stay with BYO was an amazing experience, where I had the opportunity to meet so many different people from around the world and also, to improve my working experience on areas such as marketing, video making, creative design, etc.
The house I stayed was above expectations, with good facilities and close to the office. The whole group was really fun to work with and I enjoyed every single moment of this experience.

casi 2 años atrás


Working at BYO is a great opportunity & experience! Not only meeting & working with people with different perspectives of seeing the world, but also getting to know a country with such cultural and social variety. From a professional viewpoint, it is excellent too since I am able to develop & enhance skills and techniques in my chosen field. For those who love to do the new, to break free and to bring your own: you're in the right place!

casi 2 años atrás


BYO allowed me to grow profesional and personally, working in an office full of creative and talented people.
At home I felt like home and found extraordinary friends and at the office, I was trust with the responsibility to built the social medias and also collaborate for different projects at BYO.

I had the privilege to be one of the first member of the BYOCreatives team and work with Henna Bakshi, creative head at BYO, who wasn't only an inspirational leader but also a good friend that encouraged me during this all journey, to let out my most creative side.

Legendary experience!

casi 2 años atrás

karan respondido

You were an asset to the team. Wish you great luck..!!

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