Cabosu House Beppu Hamayu

It is a rare hostel in the world which has natural hotsprings! Beppu is blessed with abundant nature for trekking, soaking in natural hot springs, or playing in the ocean. You can choose what you want depending on your mood. There are eight different kinds of hot springs, depending on the area you go to, and day trips to many different interesting places. To enjoy all this you will need at least 2 to 3days or more in Beppu. Especially if you are tired while you are traveling, Beppu is the best place to relax.

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The experience in Cabosu Hostel was great!! Beppu is a quiet city and with all the charm of Japan. Tjere are onsen everywhere and a nice area with good izakayas where the staff used to go together. Moreover, Ikeda san and his wife made us feel like at home. I can’t thank them enough!!!

3 meses atrás


I stayed 3 weeks at Cabosu and i had an amazing time, the job is easy and only takes 3h per day. People a friendly and i made a lot of new friends there.
Beppu is a quiet city but if you search enough there is always something to do and of course the onsen is are amazing. You should definitly come to Cabosu!

8 meses atrás

Estados Unidos

ThIs hostel was very nice to stay at. If you're looking for a party atmosphere this is not for you. If you are looking for beauty and peace I would suggest it :) the mountains, ocean, natural springs and nature are beautiful. The owner and staff are all friendly and willing to help in anyway. The work is 3 hours a day and very light. The kitchen is huge with lots of utensils. Over all a very nice and peaceful expierence!

1 año atrás


Working at Kabosu House was super fun. I learned a lot and felt very good working with them. Work is easy to go through and coleys are super helpful and kind.
Beppu is a very interesting place and lots of beautiful places to visit are arround. Very recommendable!

1 año atrás


If u have the chance to come here! just come, there's no other place where you are gonna have fun as here. Everyday that I spent in there was awesome, it's the perfect place. For example, you wake up at 9 am, take an onsen to start the day in a good way, and afterwards you go for a morning walk. Afterwards you'll work, which is not exhausting at all! And during the day, u have the chance to talk to people in the guest house, go hiking in some of the mountains near Beppu, talk the stuff, it's just like holidays!<3 Stuff is lovely, thanks you so much for the experience <3
Your are the best

casi 2 años atrás