Cafe Compassion

Cafe Compassion is right on beach in Ayampe, and within 15 minutes of walk you will be in a rainforest. Ayampe is one of the best place to chill, and enjoy surfing!

My name is Vin, I opened Cafe Compassion in November 2018. I was based in Sydney, Australia before, and after travelling from San Francisco to Brazil for 14 months, I have decided to come to Ayampe to surf and do something I'm really passionate about i.e. Environment, Animals, and Nutrition! Hence I opened a 100% Plant based restaurant. There are 7 people in the team, and nobody works more than 30 hours a week... plenty of time to do something that you are passionate about whether its Surfing, yoga, meditation, hiking, or just connecting with the nature! If you want to have some great time in a high vibe place, then this is the place for you.

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