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Lafayette is regarded as the happiest city in America. It has a very unique culture called "Cajun" surrounded by music and some of the best food in the world! Cajun Hostel is a multi-property business centered in Lafayette. We have 4 houses here and 1 in New Orleans. We love providing the best experience possible for our guests, and we strive to make our guests feel at home away from home. We welcome the opportunity to work with new personal who are eager to learn and ready to help make our mission a reality! Visit our website for more information on our accommodations:!

I am a college professor and world traveler. I mostly stay in the top rated hostels around the world. I am familiar with this lifestyle and business model and I think my employees respect my leadership style. We take a team approach to everything and the future working with us is limitless.

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You need to understand the real necessity of the hostel. Tobi is a host who has another jobs and will not always to be present, so sometimes you have to do somethings for yourself, once that you have the freedom to do it. However when he has time is very considerate and helps you in whatever it takes. I had some problems with schedule coordination in my off days, but you have ample space for dialogue and this is resolved quickly. The work is easy, sometimes you work less than the combined. I learned a lot there.

8 meses atrás


Hostel sem suporte algum para receber voluntários. O responsável pelo hostel quer que você assuma todas as funções administrativas, de higiene e todo o resto. Não indico o Cajun hostel para ninguém! Os últimos 3 voluntários saíram antes do prazo, será que o problema é do voluntário, ou só proprietário? Eis a questão!

11 meses atrás

Toby respondido

This is upsetting to read. At first meeting we were concerned if Joao was physically fit to complete his cleaning tasks. After observing his diet habits, it was clear that this was the reason for him not being physically fit for completing his task. Joao also had hygiene issues which we had to deal with directly. On some occasions, Joao was visibly upset when asked to perform the regular duties of the position. Regardless of these issues, we took him to American football games with free tickets and introduced him to both American and Brazilians living in Lafayette, some of whom allowed him to work for extra money on his days off. Unfortunately we cannot recommend Joao to other hostels.


My experience was good at the begining. Nobody had told me that I would be the onlyone living there for 3 MONTHS. I expected + stuff members living there. Toby(host) almost never was at hostel & I had to be 4 weeks alone (guests use to arrive late & leave early). As soon as I realized the situation (during my 1st month) I began to search for another place to go, I was sad & bored. When I had the opportunity to tell Toby that I planned to leave the hostel earlier, his behavior inmediately changed with me & he began to put more work than expected without respect my days off. Text me for + info..

11 meses atrás

Minas Gerais

The hostel is well located, clean and comfortable. I missed the support from the administration. I was sick for two weeks and they did not help me. It was announced that the food would be offered but it was not. Despite this, it was a good opportunity. Thank you, Cajun Hostel!

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Toby respondido

Renan was in town for only one month. His third week he decided to take a trip to New Orleans, two hours away, with no place to sleep. We he returned he got sick and was unable to work. Our full-time cleaning manager took him to the hospital. Our agreement was not to offer food, Renan never asked for help with food, and we had free soup in the freezer whenever he wanted. We have since changed our policy to provide two meals a day.

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