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WE ARE CREATING A NEW TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION WHERE YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. - Would you like to contribute creating a singular Hostel with a collaborative philosophy? - Would you like to contribute to an unbelievable experience? - Would you like to meet fascinating people? - Would you like to to be a part of a fearless crew? - Would you like to play a principal character of an unwritten story? We want to do this with your help. So, we invite you to volunteer at our August and September programs. Together we will run a fun community, activities, dynamics, and excursions. WE ARE LOCATED IN BEACH PARADISE - POPOYO AREA The place was first discovered in the late ’70s by an intrepid group of Nicaraguan surfers, who saw the setup while flying to Costa Rica in a helicopter. They camped on the beach through the ’80s, surfing around and enjoying nature. Nowadays the access to this area is better, there are a few accommodations around, and all the basic needs (health clinic, electricity...) are covered, but it is still a quiet, peaceful and extraordinary place surrounded by nature. There are local little rural towns walking/biking distance and non-profits that we work with; you could go there a few hours per week as part of our deal to collaborate with them. We are surrounded by endless beaches, plenty of surf options. This is a place with plenty of opportunities to breathe and disconnect. A real Nicaraguan beach vibe area away from the worldwide standard tourist locations. ESSENTIAL INFORMATION This opportunity is for everyone who likes to be surrounded by friendly people and is happy to contribute.

EXPERIENCE We are the promoters of a successful collaborative journey project for college students that takes place in the Canary Islands for the last six years, with more than 5000 applicants and more than 70.000 followers on Facebook. So we are used to managing volunteers, and we also like being surrounded by great people and making the most of it. VALUES We have designed this with a twist on typical tourist accommodations. It is a back to the roots initiative but blended with the current trends of coworking and coliving We want to focus on the challenge of changing the travelers and tourists’ status to one who will have an active role, thereby contributing to the creation of a community full of positive vibes. INSPIRATION We are, Carlos and Juan, we grew up in the Canary Islands Spain. We have traveled the world during 3-4 months per year for the last decade. We were lucky enough to create meaningful experiences, shared interests, values and intentions with other people while traveling. Over time, tourism has become more of a product than an experience, and as a result, the product is more canned so that it never fails and the result becomes less dependent on the participants. We have a burning desire to create a new type of accommodation inspired by the old ways of traveling, which will allow people to collaborate, follow their passion, and discover new exciting things.

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