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We are Brazilians who loves traveling and have travelled and experience new things and also curious about culture and consciousness :) We dance, surf, enjoy, travel, party and would love to meet and enjoy time together with you. We also need some help, so hope you will have fun too!

We are the staff of our own place and love living here! We've moved 8 months ago to the US and we are working and enjoying our time in California!


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California vibes was my very first experience as a worldpacker and I couldn't have asked for a better place to start. Riq and Juliana are amazing hosts, not only because they are Brazilians haha, but because they genuinely want you to have the best time. Santa Cruz is also an incredible and magical place: you have the beaches, mountains and a cool downtown area in one small area. The vibe is always light-hearted and you feel welcome by the city as a whole. I will say though the best part of this trip is to get to know the people, everyone has an interesting story to share.

8 meses atrás


"Hi there! Welcome and feel yourself home."
This is how they met me at the doorsteps of their house when I came in after my long road trip. When Juliana and Riq say so, they mean it. They also have a lot of amazing friends visiting them and every night at their house is pretty amazing. Within 5 days I got to attend African dance class, to surf, to hike, to cook Central Asian meals, to taste a lot more, to speak different languages in one minute, and much more.
If you are a person of international good vibes, you definitely should apply!
P.s. They have a lot more wonderful surprises ;)

10 meses atrás

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