Campbell Hills Guest Ranch

Our Ranch Volunteering program offers so much more than just a line item on your resume. It will be a life-changing experience that profoundly expands your vision of who you can be and what you can accomplish. In all of our ranch internships/volunteering programs, we challenge our interns to clearly identify and continuously re-evaluate their interests, goals, and purpose. So while you’ll certainly gain valuable experience through this internship, you will benefit immensely from the Total Horse Care and Natural Horsemanship Philosophy (leadership training and personal development that our ranch internships facilitate).

Martin has a chef background and specialized in vegetarian and vegan cooking. Bernadette is trained in NHS and lives to share this philosophy with others. We are passionate about our volunteer/internship program. Happy and proud to help young individuals to succeed in life by learning valuable life and nature lessons during their stay. Every season we train new Interns / Volunteers and Wranglers in the Natural Horsemanship Philosophy. It is a great opportunity for us, to share our love and care for horses with young dedicated people, knowing that they take this home and pursue their careers based upon this kind and humble philosophy! Most of our volunteers become 'family' and return to the ranch. Some stay for more than a year.

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