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We like to consider ourselves the perfect place for guests and volunteers as we have both the options for relaxing and partying.. we have daily events and gather at the pool/rooftop/full restaurant and most of all amazing staff you'll be sad to leave.. We have spacious rooms/clean facilities and puppies...

Our staff has all been here for quite some time since we opened in 2018 and we are happy to keep volunteers around as long as they're happy and we're happy.


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This hostel is amazing, great facilities and youre never bored. It’s definitely a party hostel and not a chill hippy hammock place, but you can make the most of it either way as the location is great and everything is relatively close on a scooter. The weather in Canggu is always amazing and the beach is a 5 minute scooter ride away. The people working there are super friendly and create a really nice and inclusive environment. Can definitely recommend and will be coming back as a lot of people I’ve met there have stayed there before and keep coming back

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I loved my time at clandestino! I felt immediately welcomed by all of the staff as well as the guests! Everyone feels like family, weather it’s three weeks or one day, you will connect with some amazing people! The hostel and the town itself is very party oriented so if you’re looking for a good time and lots of fun bars and parties, this is definitely a good place for you!
Both of the managers were lovely and everyone there is definitely a friend for life! Thank you for having me!!

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Dani respondido

Thank you Ella! We loved having you hereee!! Ella did a great job getting to know all of the guests as well as was able to connect and get us feedback as well. See you soon!!



I felt that the host cared more about sales than about anything else, didn’t really feel welcomed and never felt that she actually cared about how the volunteers were doing. I had some problems going on back home, why I felt that I could not live up to the role as a party promoter. That is why I decided to leave the hostel earlier. I offered her to stay until the next week, as this was already planned, but I felt like she did not understand my situation at all. The staff is lovely tho.

hace 11 meses

Dani respondido

Unfortunately, yes we care about sales which is exactly why we bring in volunteers to host and help us increase sales. Signing up for a month stay and leaving after 3 days that we've hosted you... leaves us high and dry and the same way we saved a space for you at the hostel/turned down many of the other is the same respect we hope for when we save space for you. It's unfortunate the time to leave your review on here expired before I could leave one but if other potential hosts are seeing this. DO NOT hire Jule as a party promoter , she was not able to host the evenings properly, gather guests or bring up the party vibe(personality is not that of someone who is charasmatic or friendly) which is literally the only thing we asked for when bringing on volunteers. We feel she used the worldpackers site as an opportunity to get to Bali and then ditch us after 3 days, extremely unprofessional considering we had many requests for the first few weeks of high season and we were left without a host.



I absolutely adored my time at Clandestino! I worked as a party promoter there for the duration of 3 weeks. I made soo many friends during my time there, both the owners were amazing people and I considered them friends and the hostels vibe was incredible. I was welcomed upon arrival by the local staff and felt very apart of the team by the end of the day.
Canggu itself was an amazing little town, the hostel offers a family dinner every night so that was also another amazing perk! Running events for the hostel was so fun, never really felt like I was working just felt fun all the time

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Dani respondido

Thank you Sabrina!! We loved having you here and it really made a. big difference for us when people are so friendly and good with guests!! We will miss you!!

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Cindy who i had been talking to wasn't there which already shows a lack of care. i had a talk with Cindy the following day and she kept getting distracted as if she was uninterested. That night, I was two hours into my shift and I started to feel sick because of jet lag and the heat so I spoke to Cindy and apologised asking if I could start properly the next day. She said no and asked me to pack my bag and leave or I will have to start paying for the accommodation. Please message me if you are thinking of working here. She seems to delete the bad reviews.

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Dani respondido

Thank you for your feedback! While I wasn't in the day you arrived, I communicated this and gave you details to settle in (since we did know you were taking a long flight) and personally, everyone deserves time off from work, I think? The evening we spoke you mentioned you didn't want to work because you were sunburnt? But shortly after were changing to go to beach party instead of work the time you committed to us. As we mentioned in our conversations, we test out everyone for a few days to see if it will work, immediately i recognized that the position you applied for 'party promoter' was not something you were comfortable doing, given that as we noticed all evening you sat in one corner speaking to 2 people and didn't seem interested in working, rather just getting a free stay. We hire promoters to get the nights going and it didn't seem like it was something you were up for. We offered you to stay 2 more nights free of charge even though we knew it wasn't working out. (you have the text messages to confirm this). Note for future work: if you sign up to volunteer maybe take a few days off if your concern is jetlag. or stay out of the sun if you think a sunburn is a good excuse to not complete a few hours of a shift. The reason we take on volunteers for this role is that is the difference between a good sales night and a bad one. Lastly, We are not able to delete reviews on this platform. That defeats the purpose of being able to leave reviews.

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