Capital View

A couple of cool hostels, with the best locations in Washington, DC. Housing option for travelers, interns, international and local students in a dorm-style setting. We strive to be the number one destination for DC, with locations just a few blocks from the Chinatown and Convention Center metro stops, with 24-hour shops, bars, and restaurants just within a few blocks! We are looking for a minimum of 1 months+ commitments from anyone, who would like to apply. The position usually available is part-time working at the front desk checking people in, looking after the hostel during the shift and cleaning up, performing housekeeping, and actual cleaning, and taking people out once a week to see DC/bars/clubs/etc.

Volunteers can expect to have comfortable accommodations of 4 people per rooms in nice rooms, working part time hours, in exchange for checking guests in, leading a few events per week, and cleaning up the hostels; with locations right in the center of DC.


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At first very receptive, I was in charge of cleaning service, basically changing bedsheet and cleaning bathrooms, first day was nice, without many problems. On the second day the situation was strange, I started cleaning in one of the hostels, but the housekeeper skipped work and I had to "help" another hostel unit, after finishing almost 30 beds, 10 bathrooms alone without pause, I was amply distracted by an staff member, who was a impolite and rude several times. They need a better schedule and more compromised and empathetic staff. The service is heavy, no volunteering atmosphere.

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It was a great experience as a world packer : meeting new people from all around the world with incredible stories, enjoying Washington DC and having a lot of fun with the other Staff members and the owners. The job can sometimes be stressful but we are never alone, one call and someone immediately help us. you will also learn a lot about yourself and about the hostel life here. As a receptionist, always polite, always smiling, dealing with people who may not be as polite and smiling, is, actually, a real professional and personal experience. The hostel is also nice and very well located.

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My experience was very good. I learned a lot from Rome about administrative work, hotel software, how to receive guests and serve them in the best way. The work is not easy, it demands a lot of attention, commitment and speed. They expected that the staff have advanced to fluent English. Me and Rome became friends and because of it the work was much better than expected. When you really create strong bonds of friendship everything gets better, also creating a relationship of trust and exchange. Thanks Rome, Tom - Paul for all the learning and for the opportunity to be part of DC Lofty Family!

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Capital View and DC Lofty hostels are family-owned and managed hostels. During my time there I worked mostly at DC Lofty hostel. The hostel relies completely on volunteers with few to no permanent staff. This was a new experience for me after always working as a helping volunteer instead of a staff member. There are two shifts every day - day shift and night shift. It is expected of the volunteers to do reception, laundry, housekeeping and cleaning during a shift. Regular schedule changes made it difficult to arrange any activities or outings to the free museums. With managers often absent, it

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Nice hostel, great location and a good experience. I recommend to other travelers.

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