We're located between Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra - the big three centers of tourism in the area - and close to the train station and transportation to all these places. Even if we're close to all these we still are in a very quiet and secluded zone, close to the Carcavelos beach, as well as a number of other world-renowned surf spots, all year-round outdoor activities and a unique cultural offer in Europe.

The volunteers will be placed in a team with prior experience in the function, and will be asked to shadow their team-mates for the first days of the schedule. Aside from that, the hostel manager is permanently available and willing to help with directions and answering questions, this way we make sure our volunteers feel integrated and motivated.


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I had a great experience in the hostel. The manager is responsable and polite. I was well recieved, the tasks are easy to learn. I would definitely recommend volunteering here.




Pedro was a every friendly and understanding man, as the dates got mixed up and the virus. He helped me and was very relaxed with it. In the period I was there, there were a lot of longstayers. They were very friendly and it felt a bit like family. But it is good to know most of them (only) speak portugese. Which is not a problem with translate, but starting a conversation when you don't speak portugese, might be a bit harder.. Hygenewise it is not the cleanest place, but they have a pool and it is close to the beach! I wish I could stay longer.


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Not the cleanest place or most organized, but the hostel is in a great location and everyone is very welcoming. Work is pretty easy and you are left plenty of time to explore Lisbon and surrounding areas. Very close to the beach if you want to learn how to surf. You should also catch one of Teppes shows while you are there for sure.




If you are a young solo traveler looking for a fun hostel, this isn't the place to go. Not that is necessarily bad. It is different in the sense that It is mostly for guests that stay for a very long term, usually older people. I found it crowded, with no personal space and not very hygenic in the basement room where a lot of people stay. But everyone was very welcoming and nice, which made it better.




The hostel is big but the work is really easy, there is a woman that cleans every morning.
they have a lot of monthly guests and it makes to fell like a big family, Manuel always cook for dinner, Rui is the most sweet guy ever, always ready to help and solve problems, Pedro is the manager and is really nice also.
They have communication problems with the owners that I didn't even know, except for this and for the bed bugs problem I had a great time there.
It is near from the train station and from the beach, if you want to learn how to surf you can get some discount with the surf school


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