CARE - Collective of Animal Rescuers in Essaouira

The work you will be doing here, will benefit many souls. If you are looking for a fun, loving and exciting time in Morocco and also want to leave your good vibes behind, this is the place for you!

We are very welcoming to all who treat our animals with love and respect. There is a strong family feeling here every time we receive wonderful volunteers.


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Ha sido mi primera experiencia con woldpackers y ha sido genial!!
¡Halima es una anfitriona excelente! me ha gustado mucho haber compartido este tiempo con ella (y vivir rodeada de animales, pasear por los alrededores...) ¡una pena no haber conocido a Henry!
He podido ver cómo cuidan de los animales y el esfuerzo que ponen para que tengan una vida mejor. Aunque la situación no ha sido la ideal a causa del covid (normalmente hay más voluntarios allí) he podido colaborar un poquito con este trabajo tan bonito y necesario que Halima y Henry llevan a cabo.
¡Muy, muy recomendable!

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Une aventure extraordinaire avec Halima et Henry et tous les petits et grands compagnons dont ils s'occupent.
Un volontariat qui demande a être devoué-e, créatif, et plein d’énergie.
Une expérience a ne pas manquer si vous vous sentez concerner par la condition de vie des animaux.
Et puis qui sait vous pourriez aussi repartir avec un compagnon, histoire d'aider a son sauvetage.

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Estados Unidos


As this being my first world packing experience, I can't imagine it getting any better. I had my own room, was surrounded by animals (which I LOVED), ate extremely well, and had lots of time to explore, keep busy, and relax! Henry and Halima couldn't have been better hosts. I'd say we became good friends over the course of my 18 day stay. Looking forward to eventually coming back here. Would recommend to ANYONE!

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Costa Rica


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to the center due to visa restrictions, but I have no doubts that it would have been an amazing experience. The communication with Henry and Halima was always prompt and clear, they were answering all my questions and making sure I had all the information I needed prior to arriving.
I will plan my trip again for the future and will hopefully get to experience life at CARE and contribute to their cause.

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