Casa Azabache

We are Aylin, Jaime and Une, an explosive family cocktail ... Artists, Travelers, Adventurers and Dreamers, with this new project together. Lovers of music, art, good company ... we try to learn from every situation, every meeting, every person ... wanting to share and offer what experiences have given us. A mix between open, friendly and fun, and I would say a little crazy. Lucid, rebellious, persevering, we try to convey motivation and faith along the way. It will be a great pleasure to know who you are, whatever you do and come from wherever you come.

We need people with good vibes, sociable, wanting to participate in this project, someone who enjoys sharing and helping others. We do not offer a job, we simply need help and we love to surround ourselves with healthy and humble people. We are continuously at the hostel working and improving the infrastructure. We build with our hands each of the furniture of the house, achieving a very personal style. The shifts we work with are designed over time to offer our volunteers an alternative to common schedules and to be able to enjoy and enjoy more free time. The work schedule consists of a full day of work (24 hours) for two days off then. The day begins at 8:00 in the morning and ends at 12:00 at night, during that period the volunteer must be present in the common areas, there is freedom to do what he likes best, be with the computer, play instruments, read, etc ... always when everything is in order. At 12:00 at night the lights go out and you can go to sleep. Sometimes a guest comes late and arrives at 1:30 in the morning, if that day touches you voluntariado you must get up to open the door and take him to his room. This rarely happens but if it has ever happened to us, we indicate in advance to our guests that our hours of service are until 12:00 but sometimes the plane is delayed or something unexpected happens. After that day of volunteering you can enjoy two days completely free.


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Casa Azabache es el lugar tranquilo y bello, donde encuentras el amor por el proyecto en cada detalle. Ideal para descansar después de los largos paseos en san Cristóbal, ciudad en la que nunca te aburres. Jaime es un ser super pasiente y conciliador que siempre estará dispuesto a darte una mano. La carga horaria es poca y el programa que utilizan en recepción es súper práctico. Lo recomiendo totalmente, he pasado una estadía hermosa y con deseos de volver a esa increíble ciudad. Familia azabache gracias por todo!


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